Friday, July 20, 2007

When I was small...

... I went to school. And since L B wanted to spill some goss about me in the previous post (but didn't because he didn't know nada!) I shall tell him by means of fulfilling my tag from Giddy Tiger. These are the rules of the tag...

"Write about one of your naughtiest moments in secondary school"
"Story must not be shorter than 20000 words. Jk. Just don't make it too brief lah"
"Tag bloggers who you think have really interesting stories to tell. Don't go "Ah I won't tag anyone""

Hai.... this tag is rather tough. Because hor, I am too good a girl in school! I was too busy studying and the naughtiest thing I did would be gloating about my excellent results over other, less fortunate pupils. Yes, I was a stuck-up prig then. So, I'm changing the tag slightly and will tell you about the naughtiest thing I did in primary school...

I feigned illness to get out of PE class. Nearly every other week, without fail. I would get all dressed up in my PE outfit of house t-shirt and shorts, before I put on my most pathetic face and told the teacher, "Cikgu... sakit perut." Now my teacher was very lenient (I guess she wanted to deal with less students on the field) so me and my girlfriends would just relax by the side of the field, chit-chatting, playing and generally ignoring any PE exercises until it was time to go home. And that was the naughtiest I ever got in all my years of school.

Hahaha. No dirt to dish here. L B, are you disappointed?

Now I cannot be naughty and just end the tag here, so I will pass it on to the following bloggers - I wanna know how naughty you were in school...

simple american


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angel said...

Waa... I was tagged the same tag sometime last week... I told the tagger that I need to think about it because...

Sis reads my blog... if she tells momma, then how??? Die...

Lemme think summore, ok? ;)

angel said...

Oops... forgot to comment abt your naughty story...

Har? Liddat is call naughtiest ah? You should take my name then... :p

Chen said...

hehehhe, u r such a good girl..
bravo :)

sengkor said...

PE is the most fun subject and you purposely miss it? how can?

narrowband said...

Wah! That was your naughtiest? That was nothing!!

mudpie said...

that is not notty, i bet nellie is naughtier than you *cross my finger*


may said...

that one quite the tame liao, compared to some I know. not my own lah... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah*

good morning

ehon said...

i think may also got some juicy stories based on her comment. *coughs*

like that not naughty enough lar!

a^ben said...

did ur teacher give u pill chi kit? lols!!!!!!

Leonard said...

Oh no......... i'm tagged by rinnah again.

i forget what the most naughty thing that i did during secondary school good boy one..haha..had to think hard, hope i can come up with something!

with regards to your story... i failed you, not naughty at all..can re-do anot??

L B said...

Thanks, rinnah.. Now I know just a little more about you, a miss goody two shoes, except when it comes to sweating it out on the field! Good dirt, good dirt! Big hugs.

eastcoastlife said...

Ahhhh.... we are similiar wor. I'm also good girl in school, no trouble from me. :)

Giddy Tiger said...

Ha? That's it ah?
Then you are nottier than me because I was NEVER faked a sakit perut before :P

Simple American said...

Et tu Rinnah? Huei wants to know too.

Hope you still lub me after the truth comes out about this wild child.

Leonard said...

done the tag already... go read go read!!

parisb said...

LOL i got tagged for the same one and honestly, I can't remmeber how bad I was in school! Maybe I'm just in denial ;)

rinnah said...

angel: 5 secret hugs for you!!!

Dun worry... if your momma is Momma M, no problems at all! If it's not Momma M... hmm, better not tell the juiciest details? *grin*

Haha... so I'm now Angel Rinnah?

chen: 3 bravo hugs for you!!

Yeah, I was such a good girl hor? Nowadays I make my kesian face at doctors and ask for MC! Wakakakakaka! No lah, I am such a good employee I wouldn't do that unless really tak larat anymore.

sengkor: 1 fun hug for you!

Must miss! Dunwanna get hot, sweaty, dirty, have the boys pull the girls' ponytails, run around with silly gunnysacks, 400m race, etc etc etc...

narrowband: I saved all my naughty points for out of school! Muahahahahaha!

mudpie: Oh no! I'm sure nellie is a sweet sweet girlie... yes hor, nellie?

may: I'm waiting to hear your naughtiest story! Wheeeee!

misha: Hi misha darlin'! How is KL treating you so far?

ehon: Ya... we shall see. May kena tagged by someone on this one, I think!

I'm an angel! See my halo and wings? Angel give me one...

a^ben: LOL! Thankfully no! I've never eaten that in my life before, believe it or not!

leonard: I know behind that good boy face are some juicy tales to tell... and I was right! Hehehe.

Cannot fail me one... this one got no pass/fail mark! Wahahahahaha! Anyway, got no more stories to tell leh, so even if I wanted to do it again I couldn't!

l b: Hehehe... I'm a true blue goody two shoes, I am! Yeah, physical sport is so not my thing. I was probably the most uncoordinated in class! *hugs*

eastcoastlife: Hey, how's the leg now? Yup, school life was very very quiet and uninteresting! LOL!

giddy tiger: Ah, but I NEVER littered in school before! Hehehehe. So I guess we'll call it quits? Ok? *shake hands*

simple american: Yeah, I'm sure you have some cowboy tales to tell us! *waiting waiting waiting*

leonard: Thanks for doing your homework! I now confirm that leonard is a good boy for doing tags!

parisb: Hmm... denial, eh? That means there's a lot of juicy gossip to spill! Do spill... *opens ears and eyes big big*

healy said...

Hey! I found our common ground. I did the same thing as you for my PE class. And, until today, I don't go for jogging, yoga, gym... nothing lah ! Frankly, I might dress like I'm just back from gym,look so sporty, but actually very lembek one. hahaha.....

rinnah said...

healy: OMG, you too? I love the gym look, with the gym pants, sport shoes, etc. But actually hor, didn't go gym at all. Hehehe.

Blaze said...

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