Thursday, July 12, 2007

You know you're overly efficient when...

... your guest is a year early for your wedding. This story in reports that a guy was actually a year early for his buddy's wedding, which was supposed to be held next year. Talk about getting your dates mixed up! Plus the poor guy flew across the Atlantic for the wedding and spent a bomb on his airplane tickets. This will definitely be one experience he'll never forget!

So the lesson to be learned here is: a) Always tell people the full details of your wedding; and b) If you're the guest, double check the date or wait for an official wedding card to arrive!

Happy working Thursday, folks!

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may said...

well, at least he wasn't the one who held up the wedding... LOL! I've heard similar funny stories about mixup dates...

Leonard said...

oh gosh! poor chap!

maybe next year trip will be sponsored by his friend! ;)

parisb said...

At least the food will be served on time for once! hehe...

ehon said...

poor dude. when u gonna held your wedding ler?

L B said...

Dearest Rinnah,

I am so sorry I havent been posting comments as much as I would like in here, but you know lah... All those lormaikais...*points fingers at them*..

Your wedding? Ang Pow!! I want!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah* happy thursday to you too!!!

Giddy Tiger said...

I once had a friend whose wedding invite was the year BEFORE! He had to change all the cards manually! hehehe

rinnah said...

may: 5 funny hugs for you!!!

Wouldn't it be something if the groom (or bride) thought the wedding was next year? LOL!

leonard: 3 oh gosh hugs for you!!

Well, the article did say that his friend would definitely mention him in his speech, so it was not all wasted!

parisb: And 1 timely hug for you!

Hahaha... not if the wedding took place in Malaysia!

ehon: -_-' Not so fast ler... need to catch meself a guy first... hurhurhur.

l b: Aiyo... no need to apologize or point fingers... you're on holiday, are you not? Wish I was on holiday too... wanna lormaikai? *wink*

I thot you're supposed to start saving for my wedding angpow? LOL!

misha: Hello misha darling! Happy Thursday hugs for you! Did you brush your teeth today?

giddy tiger: Oh my! Was it a printer error? My friend was very rajin, she handmade all her wedding invites herself. Really quite pretty, too!

Chen said...

kolian.. Kesian.. Why they give out the invitation card so early? :)

sengkor said...

not just date.. time also.. i once got a wedding dinner invitation. on second look, it's a wedding lunch.. *luckily double check*

Wennnn said...

Aiyoooo poor thing!!! Spend the money went all the way and got the dates mixed up!!! OKie okie when ur wedding comes I look look 3 times!!

misha said...

*jiejie rinnah*

Mish brushed in the morning already but will do so again before going to bed again :)

how about yourself ?

Simple American said...

I would not mind arriving in Kay El a year early. Honestly!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah*

gooooddddddd morning to you and happy friday to you too!!!

a^ben said...

finger crossed so that stuff lidis doesnt happen to me` lolssss

rinnah said...

chen: So kesian hor? Spend so much money and take time off some more. Maybe the groom was overly excited! LOL!

sengkor: Ha, luckily you double checked! But wedding lunch is a bit more unusual... most people would have dinner mah.

wennnn: Hahaha... I will be sure to print the date, time and venue big big on all my wedding cards in the future!

misha: Good morning, darling! Jiejie did the same thing - brush last night and this morning!

simple american: Okie, I will inform you one year in advance then! VVIP guest list...

misha: Good morning dearie! Happy Friday!

a^ben: So you must open your eyes big big when you receive invitations, ok?