Friday, July 06, 2007

Twittering twits and twats

Calling all Twitter users!

Out of the blue, I received an email from Edward Mishaud, a graduate student of LSE, asking if I would participate in his research on the communication phenomenon that is Twitter. Edward is collecting research information by means of a questionnaire for his dissertation, which is to be submitted and published sometime in September, and located me through my Twitter page.

And I thought to myself - So interesting! I get to participate in research. Hehehe. The questionnaire is mainly about how you use Twitter and if you know your friends and followers - nine questions in total, short and sweet. Edward is still looking for Twitterers to complete his questionnaire, so if you'd like to help out (and could spare a few minutes to respond), do drop Edward a line at e.mishaud[at]

No, this is not a sponsored post by Edward, but a community message brought to you by rinnah!

10 spins:

Anonymous said...

Twitter? Misha does not know how to use twitter

may said...

interesting! do you get paid? name mentioned in his research? you're a star!

Ah Boy said...

twit twit..
ah Boy twits too :)

narrowband said...

I am a *very* new Twitter user and therefore I don't see how I can be of help :p

Leonard said...

i seldom update my twitter one...

tends to forget about it! haha

Winn said...

u are one kind blogger. :) speaking of twitter. i have not touch mine for ages! haha. cld u suggest to edward that it'd be gd to have twitter combined with we wont forget to twitter after we post a new entry:P

giddy tiger said...

I'm not into Twitter, at least not yet! But I do like to do surveys!

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah

happy 07.07.07 to you!!!!

eastcoastlife said...

hehe... Twitter is awesome!
I haven't been using it much after the accident. :)

rinnah said...

misha: 5 twittering hugs for you!!!

s'kay, mishmish does not need twitter. But if you want to know what it's about, you can read jiejie's twits in the pink box on the sidebar.

may: 3 interested hugs for you!!

Yes, very interesting, but no, I don't get paid. :o) No name mentioned too, except as a statistic. Hehehe.

ah boy: 1 twit twit hug for you!

But Ah Boy never update Twitter for a long time liao...

narrowband: It's ok, know anyone else who is Twittering?

leonard: Ya, I know what you mean! Sometimes I forget about my Twitter too and sometimes there's just nothing to update there!

winn: Me kind? No lah. Just EFNBTD. Hehehe.

I could suggest, but unlikely it would be implemented since he's not working for Blogger! LOL!

giddy tiger: Then can I interest you in Twittering with me? Surveys, eh? More and more similarities I find in you and me!

misha: Hi mish! I'm replying comments late so now it's happy 10.07.07!

eastcoastlife: Hehehe... that would be something really interesting for Edward's research... how using Twitter resulted in instant stardom!