Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Odd spin cycle

I have lots bottled up inside of me that I want to blog about, but I don't know where to begin and what to write about. Mind blogging isn't helping at the moment because it's all going round and round inside my head just like a washing machine spin cycle. (Yes, that was a pun on my new blog title. Didcha geddit? LOL!) Bits of disjointed thoughts are floating around inside my head and I'm not sure if I want to put them down. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Decisions, decisions! My to-do lists are as many and much longer than l b's tick tock lists.

I had itchy hands over the weekend and wanted to prettify my blog by uploading a picture for my blog header. I got it uploaded, but it wouldn't centralize no matter how I cropped it, stretching beyond the sidebar. Gahhhh! Anyone know how to make Blogger obey my commands short of getting a genie in a bottle? If I can't even get the header to obey my instructions, no way I'd touch XHTML or CSS without a detailed instruction manual.

If you read the news last week you might have noticed an article on the murder-suicide of a wrestler's family. That wrestler was Chris Benoit. He was definitely one of my favorite wrestlers because he was never over-the-top showy like others, instead preferring to get in the ring and do his job - getting a beating and doling out a bashing. I can't say for sure he did commit the murder of his wife and son or he didn't, but one thing's for sure, I'll miss the Rabid Wolverine / Canadian Crippler.

Good people do exist in the world after all. Remember this blogpost about a horrid rude guy who stole my parking space? Well, on Sunday I was back in 1Utama again and searching for parking space when along came this splendid uncle and his family. He must have seen my forlorn face staring at him hopefully through the window, because he motioned with his hand that he was parked just ahead. And in a deja-vu experience from last week, a silver Kelisa came screeching up from behind, overtook my car and nudged in between me and the nice uncle, just waiting to steal my parking space again. But... guess what the uncle did? He stopped in his tracks, and waved at me to come over to where he was standing, effectively reserving his parking space for me! So nice of him, hor? I'll publish his license plate number too (no picture because I wasn't out of the car yet) - WAD 1, a creamy white Odyssey, I think. As for the nasty Kelisa driver, as I walked away from the parked car, I saw him do an illegal u-turn and "face-off" with a car in the correct direction for another parking space. Needless to say, because he was so aggressive, the other car backed down. A real samseng character!

15 spins:

angel said...

I chup first! Wheeeee!!!
*now go read*

narrowband said...


angel said...

LOL @ narrowband!
Now that was close! Haha :p

Yay for the Kind Unker!
Speaking of which, I had a kind uncle helping me today too at the carpark. Some stewpig Beemer double parked behind me but luckily I have enuff space to come out. That uncle became my parking attendant... hehe... hip hip hurray for Uncles! ;)

narrowband said...

Argh!! Missed by one minute leh!!

Wei that unker car number so gaya wan? Wa... kereta besar... nombor cantik... such a budiman... (er, is that the right word?) hehe. That's nice of him ;) Did you like, give him your best smile in return?

L B said...

Churn, churn, we all churn...for chum!

Good for that uncle! Yaaah! Buy! Buy! Buy!

zewt said...

WAD 1... wooah... some VIP reserve the place for u... clap clap...

Simple American said...

Glad to hear there is kind people out there. Some people just got no patience and need to get their @$$ kicked perhaps.

As for what to write. Look for the beginning and start there. If you start at the end it can be very confusing and still must go back ya know?

Simple American said...

Completed my homework and have a tag for you!

may said...

that uncle was so nice! I'm glad there are still kind people out there who make your day by doing the simplest things. next time you reserve your parking spot for me too, ok?

Anonymous said...

goood morning jiejie .. and happy wednesday to you too !!!

Leonard said...

you're right, chris benoit was a no-frill wrestler, his storyline also not that crappy, a fighter! too bad to end his life this way. although its been some time i watch WWE, but will still miss him.

Giddy Tiger said...

Hmmm...maybe you need to put the "center" tag to get it centered? Just my 2 cents :P

I see you're a 1-U fansee too. Good for you that you have a forlorn face worthy of a parking spot. :)

Pink Elle said...

Just blog it out...we all love drivel! :) I read about Chris Benoit. A friend of mine loved to watch him on WWE too until he heard about that episode and his respect for him dropped to zero. His poor family though!

But hip hip hurrah for nice uncles :)

ehon said...

wahh u lucky u!! lol!

rinnah said...

angel: 5 hugs for your chup first!!!

*waits for angel to come back*

narrowband: 3 hugs for your CHHUUUUPPP!!!

You're getting the hang of this, eh?

angel: Oh yes, it was so close! But you still nipped ahead by just a wee bit!

Hurray for kind uncles who come to our rescue!

narrowband: No worries... still got hug hug points.

Very gaya hor... I wonder how much he paid for that number plate. Hehehe. I was so thankful I was smiling and waving bye bye to him! LOL!

L B: Churning... churning...

Hurrah for uncle! So got buy 4D or not?

zewt: Hehehe... I got VIP parking this time around. LOL!

simple american: Ah, but I'm not the one doing the @$$ kicking! LOL!

I can't find the beginning! Hehehe.

simple american: Thanks for completing homework! I'll do the tag pronto pronto...

may: He was so kind that I almost couldn't believe my eyes! OK, next parking space for you!

misha: Hello mei mei! Happy Wednesday hugs for you!!!

leonard: No-frills but excellent technical wrestler, ya? I wished that the WWE would give him more shots at the title when he was alive.

giddy tiger: Uh, where do I find the center tag? In the XHTML/CSS coding? *blur blur tei already*

Hehehe... 1U is my second choice... first choice is the Curve!

pink elle: More drivel coming right up! LOL!

Poor family, especially the son. It's a tragedy.

Hurrah for nice uncles!

ehon: I so lucky hor! Must be rubbed off from visiting your blog lor!