Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The kitten scratches

Why is it so freaking cold in the office? I feel like I'm freezing in Genting right now. Brrr...

Anyway, I have a company dinner tonight. Not one that I'm particularly looking forward to, but have to attend because it's a dinner for the bossman. Cheh, boss tai sai meh? Apparently yes woh. So I have to "pei meen" (give face) to him and attend. Oooh, it's going to be such fun, I just know it. Yes, I'm being sarcastic here. My kitten claws are showing. Miiaaaaawww!

This will be the second company dinner I'm attending in five months. The first one was on my second day of work.
And it was so dull and boring because I didn't know a single soul at that dinner and things haven't improved much since then. I mean like, who am I going to schmooze with? Oh and not to be putting anyone down or anything, but the people attending are all... old. Old enough to be my mother/father old or even older! *shakes head sadly*

Can't even look forward to enjoying the food because my doctor has placed me on a strict diet following my recent allergy flare-up. Which means like 85% of the food at the dinner (traditional Chinese 8-course menu) will be off-limits. Yep, no sharksfin, no abalone, no prawn, no duck, no crab - just vege and chicken and the standard last course of rice or noodles. And did I mention no pork too? :o( And of course, no alcohol, which means while the rest are carousing and boozing I'll be drinking plain water and Chinese tea (which is actually on the no-no list too, because tea contains caffeine). Argh, I just wanna go home right now! Which brings me to my next point...

Why on earth did they pick a weekday night to hold the dinner? Don't they know people have to work tomorrow? And I'm not a boss, so it means while they nurse their hangovers and stroll in to office after ten, I'll have to be sitting at my desk before 8.45am. And you know how late Chinese dinners (start and) end. I probably won't get home before midnight and that's if I'm lucky.

Okay, okay, so I should look on the bright side of things. Is there a bright side? (See, I'm being cynical again.) Hmm, let me see. I get a free dinner. That's all. *sigh*

8 spins:

angel said...

Adoi... think happy thots! happy thots!

Maybe you'll chat up someone nice leh...

happy thots, k?
*helps to put make up on rinnah*
There... put on that million smile too, okies?

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah* be happy ok? hehehe .. dinner is good .. meeting pp is good .. hehehe .. and talking to you is good hahahhaa

Ah Boy said...

smile, rinnah jie jie.. smile :)
ah boy sayangz u :)

giddy tiger said...

If you don't get to enjoy the food, will you at least take some pictures of it? hehehe...

Or perhaps you will get lucky in the lucky draw. All company dinners have those...

Simple American said...

It sounds like you get half a free a dinner. Maybe.

Hey what's wrong with old people? *shakes fist*

(Remembers claws)
*puts both hands in pockets*

Hope your allergies are okay. I hate allergies.

narrowband said...

Hey, I just returned from my company annual dinner. Yes, same night with yours. But we are given a day's off tomorrow, so I'm gonna take the opportunity to run some errands.

The uncles at my company memang geng. Can scream, joget, drink, sing.. ladies were dressed to the nines. My first time attending the annual dinner. Hopefully more to come. Ah, we also had dat ubiquitous 8 course meal. Emcee was fantastic. Food was so so. Chicks were hawt...

may said...

I'm probably too late to give constructive comments, you'd have had your dinner already... LOL! hope you had a pleasant time if not enjoyable, at least.

rinnah said...

angel: 5 happy thot hugs for you!!!

Pity, there wasn't anyone nice to chat up there. *sigh*

misha: 3 happy hugs for you!!

Yes, mishmish, meeting people is good when you want to meet them! Like you, and korkor lb, and all the other korkors and jiejies in the blogosphere!

ah boy: 1 smiling hug for you!

Yes, you can make me smile! Wheeee! *tickles ah boy and makes him shake*

giddy tiger: Aha! I wish I could, but that would expose my secret blogging identity! LOL! It was a really good dinner, save for the fact that I was constantly worried if I would break out the next day! And... no lucky draw. :o(

simple american: It was like 1/3 of a free dinner? I was picking and toying with my food so it would seem too obvious that I wasn't eating much! LOL!

Nah, I'm a cuddly kitten when it comes to you... *purrs*

narrowband: Such a coincidence! Same night! But... you get to take the day off today while I am at work! Boohoo!

Ahahaha... sounds the same... the uncles at my company were drinking and singing and yam-senging till 1 - 2 am... There were no hot guys/chicks at my dinner though. *sigh*

may: It wasn't torturous, but I could think of so many more places I'd rather have been! :o) Like my bed...