Sunday, July 29, 2007

Never leave home without it!

The handphone is such a common thing nowadays that I simply cannot live without mine and feel like something's missing if I don't have it with me. And guess what I did? I accidentally left it at home yesterday of all days!

I was supposed to meet up with ex-collegemates (whom I have not seen in a long time) for lunch and we have agreed to meet at Eden in the Curve for dimsum. An hour before I left my house, I noticed that my handphone was running a bit low on battery (only two small bars out of seven) so I promptly plugged it in to charge. So as you can guess where I'm heading with this, I forgot about my charging phone and walked out the door merrily.

Almost at the Curve, I reached into my bag to find... no phone! Great. And I didn't have my friends' contact numbers anywhere else. Nevermind, I thought, we all know where we're meeting up, I'll just go and wait for them there. I was early, so I had time to kill. But I was not very comfortable with walking around since I didn't have my phone with me and didn't know if they were here or on the way or whatever. So I headed over to Eden and made my reservation first (there were a lot of people!).

Then I moseyed over to Big Apple next door, drawn by the smell of yummy doughnuts baking. Mmm... I got myself a chocolate doughnut and sat down to wait. The doughnut, by the way, was most enjoyable. Soft, with melting chocolate on top, the kind that sticks to your fingers without being sticky and just disappears bite by bite in your mouth without you even knowing it. I'd go back for those doughnuts again - in all the other varieties! (But the servers need some customer PR training - the lady who served me looked rather annoyed that I ordered only one doughnut.)

Minutes ticked by. A few minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes... Waited and waited for 45 minutes. No friends. Figured they weren't going to show after all and couldn't contact me thanks to the phone at home. So I left and eventually had sushi at my favorite place, Sakae Sushi. Much much later when I went home, I discovered a number of SMSes from them saying that they couldn't make it. So I was waiting like a dungu for nothing! Oh well. Gotta remember to take my phone with me next time!

p.s. I did watch the men's finals for the Malaysian Open (squash) and the beginning of the women's finals. Hehehehe. Malaysia Boleh!

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Chen said...

nowadays we rely so much on handphone.. unlike those old days

Anonymous said...

doughnuts!!!!!! Mish just eaten krispy kreme that bought at the HK airport .. nice nice :)

may said...

I do that sometimes, accidentally leave my phone at home and go to work without it. not that anyone would call except my colleagues, and since I was at work... *shrug*

they'll call back if it's important. ;-)

angel said...

We were in the same building yesterday?? Wow... so romantic... hehe...

ehon said...


same same lar. my aussie number has no international roaming (have to pay and i refuse to) so everytime i reach m'sia's airport, i'll have to depend on the public phone. the worse part is to rampage through all the small notes i make of ppl's number.

sengkor said...

ur frens all last minute ffk.. dun fren them anymore.. muahahaha

giddy tiger said...

Well, at least you walked away with that yummy looking doughnut! :D

Leonard said...

mobile phone very important, i dun remember my friend's contacts, everything is in my mobile phone.

now it's back to double-up as my watch. haha...

narrowband said...

That donut is a saliva-inducer :p

Wah ur friends FFK u... jahatz! But then, they *did* inform u... hmm...

I normally can leave home without phone oso, no problem... but on 'special days' (like your case), if dun bring, jialat lor...

rinnah said...

chen: 5 good old days hugs for you!!!

Yeah, I can't imagine what it's like to live without my handphone nowadays.

misha: 3 doughnutty hugs for you!!

I've heard so much about Krispy Kreme but got no chance to eat it in Malaysia! But Big Apple doughnut is nice too. :o)

may: 1 accidental hug for you!

Haha... generally no one calls me on the phone - I tend to dial out more than receive calls, so it's not such a biggie if I forget it. But that day of all days...

angel: You were there? Now I'm wondering if we did one of those movie scenes where we walked by each other without knowing the other party was there... ... ...

ehon: At least you have your numbers with you! I didn't have the numbers with me at all, and I didn't have any way of reaching them!

sengkor: Yaloh... last minute FFK... but... they had good reason to do so lah... not that they just felt like not coming.

giddy tiger: I think Ethan would have enjoyed that doughnut too!

leonard: Ya... mobile phone is my life now! Hahaha. Hey, I also use it as my watch!

narrowband: Yummy, hor? I wanna go back for more this weekend!

The thing is, I'm normally very careful to have my phone with me at all times, but dunno why on that day of all days, I forgot!

Simple American said...

I went out of town this weekend and left home without my cell. Turned around and retrieved it. No one called me. Pooh!

That donut looks so goooooooood!

We had sushi Friday night. Yummy!

a^ben said...

wah next time got go out with rinnah must make sure attend or else kena labeled as ffk again~ fulamakss :D

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah

good morning to you .. and have a fantastic tuesday ok?

L B said...

I think we might have passed each other by at some stage there... Maybe..

rinnah said...

simple american: Hey, if you're on MobiK I can SMS you for free! Shall I send you an invite?

a^ben: No lah... I very kind one, sure give you chance one... Hehehe.

misha: Hello darling! It's Wednesday now and jiejie is happy because that means the weekend is coming soon!

l b: Oooh... really? You were there with angel?

Simple American said...

I use T-Mobile. And they do not even let me SMS Malaysia for a fee. :(

Though I have received SMS from Kay El. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: I'll send you an invite, okie? See if you wanna sign-up (it's free) and we can SMS each other. Hehehe.

Simple American said...

Please do.

Send to glenmacster at gmail dot com please. :)