Friday, July 13, 2007

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!

Anyone watched the Disney cartoon version of Cinderella before? Remember those two cute mice who ran around after her, squeaking, "Cinderelly, Cinderelly!"? Well, all I needed today was my loyal mice sidekicks. Why? Because I was on my hands and knees playing at being Cinderella in my office! I kid you not... complete with evil stepmother. Hurhurhur.

The story goes like this.

Once upon a time Friday the 13th (did anyone notice today's date? LOL!), in a place far far away KL, there was a very nice girl by the name of Cinderella rinnah who works in an office that is more like a golden cage. And in this office there is a evil stepmother mean selfish colleague and three ugly stepsisters rather blur supporting cast colleagues. Well, one day Cinderella's father rinnah's boss went away on a business trip, leaving the womenfolk behind. (And I'm too lazy to continue typing and strike-throughing all the excerpts since I'm sure everyone knows the story of Cinderella, yea?)

Anyway, today there isn't anyone in the office save for me and THAT colleague. The three stooges My other colleagues all jumped at the opportunity to take leave since the boss in not around. And today happened to be the day that the water filter was due for servicing. No problems. So far. The water filter technician came and did the changing of the filters (5 to be exact!) and left. All was well then.

About 45 minutes later, I heard a screech of "Cinderella!" coming from the area of the pantry. Jumped up and ran over, only to behold my colleague standing outside a partially flooded pantry that's swimming in 1cm of water. OK, so the technician didn't do a good job tightening the screws or whatever it is after he changed the filters. Since my colleague had her nose turned up and was not about to get wet, I gingerly stepped into the growing puddle of water and attempted to locate the water main to turn off the water flow. Then I turned off the power supply (good thing I wasn't electrocuted!). Then I went back to my place to call the company and get them to send back their technician ASAP before I returned to check-out the damage done to the pantry.

It was swimming in a cm of water that was dripping from the wooden cabinets under the sink, but at least I had stopped the water flow by turning it off. What to do next? There wasn't anyone else to clean up the mess since the other colleagues were on leave. The water wouldn't just magically disappear by itself - there's no drainage since it's not a toilet and very little airflow to dry the floor. Besides, it would take ages that way. So how? Get down and dirty la. There I was, for the next hour and a half, alternating between squatting or bending down to mop up the water using a pail and four cloths. Use the cloth to soak up water, wring into pail and repeat for the next 90 minutes. That's like trying to bail water out of a boat with a tin cup, ya know? But eventually, it was dry again.

And while I was toiling in the pantry, what became of the evil stepmother "I'm too good to do a spot of cleaning" colleague? Sitting pretty at her desk drinking orange juice. Didn't even bother to help. Didn't even bother to say thanks for cleaning up. Just ignored it like it didn't happen. Some people... Anyway, let's not talk about upsetting stuff.

So right now all I need to make the story complete is my faithful and loyal sidekicks, a fairy godmother and a Prince Charming. Any volunteers? *wink*

25 spins:

ehon said...

Did any prince charming step in while you cleaning the place?

may said...

I'll be one of those singing mice! ;-)

Pinkelle said...

chup again! whee..

Pinkelle said...

Gosh, what a pain that colleague! You should have just wringed the cloth over her nicely coiffured hair! :P Slytherin side is starting to rear its ugly head! :P

misha said...

mish will be the mice too hehehehe :)

Parisb said...

*throws sorting hat on evil colleague* Yep definitely Slytherin that one.

So sorry you had to clear up while she drank orange juice. You are overqualified for the job m'dear! You should be the one sipping the juice!

rinnah said...

ehon: 5 charming hugs for you!!!

If got I wouldn't need to call for volunteers now would I?

may: 3 singing hugs for you!!

Which one will you be? Gus or Jaq Jaq?

pinkelle: 1 hug for your chup!

Hahaha... how did you know she has nicely coiffured hair? Must be the Hufflepuff side that restrained me!

misha: You're gonna be such a cute mousie! But wouldn't you rather be a birdie?

parisb: Oh yes, Slytherin to the core! Anyway, she's not worth it. Hee... I'll sip my juice when I get to be a tai-tai! Wheeee!

Wennnn said...

I'll be tat fatty cute mice!! KAmbin to help U poor Cinderinnah!!!

narrowband said...

I would like to apply for the position "Prince Charming". Kindly call me up for interview (or audition?) ASAP. Hahah!

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah

being a birdie will be cute hehehe :)

Chen said...

there are so many sickening ppl out there. i feel like kicking your colleague. or poor few drops of lasix into her drink, to promote diuresis. Kakkakaka..

angel said...

Yerrrr... so evil that woman... so kns... #%$%$^@$#!!!

I be the fairy, can? Dowan godma... too old... :p and yes, narrowband would be the perfect Prince Charming ;)

a^ben said...

so when is ur sleeping beauty stoli coming up??? heheheheh

i be the mice lor :P

Winn said...

poor cinderella...:(

come let me help spca help catch stray dogs

and rinnah...*brings a magic wand*..give u this.

Anonymous said...

jiejie rinnah ..

gd morning and have a nice sunday !

L B said...

I still love you! Come back! All is forgiven! We were watching Bambi yesterday!!!

narrowband said...

Ehhh Ya... I forgot to include a Referee. Angel can jadi my referee in this case, haha!

healy said...

Here come the young and beautiful fairy godmother. *ting* This fairy godmother intended to turn the stupid colleague into a toilet bowl, so that our "Cinderella" can "shit" on it! hahahahahaha.....

Ops, unfortunately, she hits the magic wand too hard, it breaks into two now, Alamak! Why nowadays magic wand also so fragile one? hehe...

Sorry, Rinnah! :)

Hope this stupid joke does brighten up ur day. :)

Anonymous said...

*jiejie winn* good morning and a very happy monday to you!

Anonymous said...

ops wrong
the message supposed to be *jiejie rinnah* good morning and a very happy monday to you!

sorrie .. :(

rinnah said...

wennnn: Awww... you're gonna be Gus Gus then! LOL... yes I am Cinderinnah! Hehehe.

narrowband: LOL! I need to see some credentials... like dragon-slaying, horseback riding, hand-to-hand sword fighting... got or not? *grin*

misha: You'll make such a sweet sweet birdie! *hugs*

chen: Hmmm... does lasix help in improving bowel movement? If yes, then I'm afraid you'll be helping her cause... she's terribly constipated you see. Wakakakakaka!

angel: Yaloh. Summore today she's been going around telling everyone how kesian I was to mop up all the water on Friday. Bah!

You already have the fairy wand, right? I remember lb drew it in your picture! :o)

a^ben: Aiyoh... sleeping beauty means how? I sleep in office kah? Hehehehe.

You'd be the singing mice, hor?

winn: I wonder whether SPCA will take in this kind of "dogs" or not? Hehehe.

Wheeee! I got a magic wand! *tries to turn evil stepmother into a toad*

misha: Hello misha dear! I'm so late in replying my comments it's now Monday!

l b: Bambi? 0.0 *tries to make big watery eyes like Bambi*

narrowband: LOL! Wah... got Referee summore one ah? Very keng leh, your application! OK, accepted!

healy: Hahaha... I was trying hard not to laugh out loud in the office when I read your joke, healy! Thanks so much. *muah*

misha: Hehehe... fingers are faster than the mind... don't worry, jiejie does it all the time too.

Happy Monday hugs, darlin'!

Simple American said...

Night and day it's Cinderinnah!
Fix the filter!
Wipe the floor dry!
Where's my OJ?
Better get with it...

My son is too young too be Prince Charming and I am too ugry to qualify myself. But I could be the big fat mouse. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: Oh! I remember that bit from the cartoon now! LOL!

I thought you were going to be the adorable king? No? *grin*

Giddy Tiger said...

Can I be a sexy and attractive fairy godmother?

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: Sure you can! Every Cinderella (or fairytale heroine) needs a sexy and attractive fairy godmother!