Friday, July 27, 2007

Bits, bobs and the whole boat

Had a surprise this morning. Guess who called? The Emperor. Wahhhh... so honoured I am. *grin* It was... interesting. And completely not what I expected? Anyway, it was a bright spot and a good start to the morning. Now if only it had lasted the whole day!

Unfortunately it didn't, and the day descended into a three-act tragedy. But like all good bad shows, it had to come to an end sometime. I'm glad the working week is over. Phew!

TGIF and Friday night means the weekend's here! I wonder why there generally are no good shows to watch on Friday night? Is it because the tv programmers expect the people to be out and celebrating? What about the homebodies like me? Hmm, I seem to have lost my train of thought. But, there's a new reality show called Pirate Master that I'm really enjoying. Though I think the contestants make the silliest decisions.

Received word from an ex-collegemate that she's getting married at the end of the year. And she asked me if I would attend. I haven't said yes, neither have I said no. Decisions, decisions. I guess I'll decide nearer the date; it's still some time away. Gee, whatever happened to my normally decisive nature? It seems to be rather blurry of late. *sigh*

Ever felt the need to ramble on without really making sense of what you're saying? Well, it's happening now. Hence, the really disjointed post here. *grin*

19 spins:

Leonard said...

CHUP first!!

Leonard said...

well, it's like that one..

free-to-air TV, when there is only one company, they show lousy shows, or repeated somemore.. sad case! :(

Chen said...

if nothing interesting tv programme to watch, then go online loh.. :P

L B said...

CHUP!!!! CHUP!!!!!!
It was such a pleasure being seduced by your voice! Such a joy! So delicious! Wow!!! Can I call you again soon?

mistipurple said...

eh... cannot blame me for reading the title as Tits, Boobs and the whole works! afterall, i speed-read ahead and saw the Emperor's name a sentence down!! kkkkk. *cabut*

angel said...

happy weekend!

i hv a cousin's wedding in sept and a friend's wedding in oct. *broke*

Anonymous said...

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L B said...

Tits, and Boobs?!!!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah* good morning to you!!!

Wennnn said...

Wahhhh emperor called U to go meeting ah??? Or go sampating ah??? Hehhehe.. Okie okie u hv been awarded...

mistipurple said...

i pass up homework liao. :D

a^ben said...

writing disjointed posts is a special skill~! wahahahahhaha :D

Parisb said...

We all need a bit of disjointed ramblings once a while. :) and I bet the phone call made up for everything else in hindsight eh? ;)

may said...

there aren't any good shows on Thursday nights here either, 'cos it's late night shopping and people generally stay out later... ;-)

giddy tiger said...

That's what got you the Schmoozer award in the first place, right?

healy said...

Hey! Rinnah... You sounds so free... Envy ler me! Some more got secret dating... *Shiok* leh... :)

rinnah said...

leonard: 5 speed chupping hugs for you!!!

Unfortunately it's not only free-to-air tv for me... even cable tv (50 plus channels) there's nothing to watch!

chen: 3 online hugs for you!!

And that is how this post came about! Me bumming around online... hahahaha.

l b: 1 delicious hug for you!

And I thought you wouldn't get to chup this month! LOL! Yeap, anytime is a pleasure chatting with you!

mistipurple: Ahahahahaha! I ROTFL when I read your comment! Such an active imagination you have, my dear!

angel: Hope you had a happy weekend too!

Yeah, weddings (when it's not your own) leaves the pocket a little lighter and everything else much dearer!

knicksgrl0917: Hmm... thanks for the website link.

l b: LOLOL! Yes, misti's mind is all about that when your name is mentioned!

misha: Hi dearie! It's nighttime now... sorry to reply your comment so late! Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!

wennnn: Ahaha... not yet meeting leh... one day, one day. Oh, I have another award? Thank you! This makes it three this month... kekekekekeke!

mistipurple: Oh, so quick! Okie, I must go inspect inspect liao...

a^ben: Hahahaha... so I should exercise this skill more?

parisb: Yes it did! Although I'd much rather it happened after instead of before! LOL!

may: I think we should take over the tv programmer's job, eh? I'm sure we'd be much better at it... I'd have Heroes on re-run!

giddy tiger: Uhm, I'm a bit blur here... hehe. What got me the Schmoozer award in the first place?

healy: Aiyoh... not that free leh... just in the mornings. LOL! I wanna be SAHM... even more free! Wakakakakaka!

Simple American said...

I love Pirate Master. Arrrr! We are on week nine over here. But no spoilers from me. I promise.

rinnah said...

simple american: So fast on week nine? We are so far behind! But so far (two weeks in) the pirates have made some shoddy choices...