Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. This blogger has been downed with allergies and the beginnings of flu... hope to be back soon. *sniffle sniffle*

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sengkor said...

then can stay at home and read harry potter?

ehon said...

get wel sooon!

angel said...

yeah, get well soon! *hugs*

hv u done any blood test for your allergies?

L B said...

*gives you big special get well fast fast hugs and snugs for a specially quick recovery ~ without need for any wheelchairs*

Winn said...

awwwwww....get well soon, good notti girl..:P

mudpie said...

take a good rest .. *opening a packet of orange juice* wowie!!! *bubbly hugs*

zewt said...

get well soon!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah* you take care ok?

love always!

Paris said...

Get well soon Rinnah! *hands you a bunch of vitamin c*

giddy tiger said...

Take care you... and get well soon!

Leonard said...

wish you a speedy recovery!

Simple American said...

Brings in pot of hot chicken soup.

Carries extra blankey to chase away the chill.

Opens vapor rub to spread on... Maybe you ought to do that yourself. :P

narrowband said...

Aww.. I hope you get well soon. I was down with slight fever last weekend too but I had panadol (actually, I broke it into half - I took only one half) and went to sleep. Felt much better after that. Then I went and enjoyed about 10 mins of sauna at the gym. Macam all the toxic waste sudah keluar from through my skin :P HAaha...

healy said...

Dear Rinnah, last few days I've been so busy, no time to visit you... Kind of miss you. Now I've time, but... You sakit? LoL! why like that har?

Anyway, get well soon, k?I'll pray hard hard for you from this moment onwards. Don't waste my prayer, k? Take lah, panadol, aspirin, Chinese herbs or what ever. hahaha...

Nolah, sorry ya. I think all you got to do is sleep more. Have a nie rest. :)

rinnah said...

sengkor: 5 stay at home hugs for you!!!

I wish I were at home now! I didn't get MC... bad doctor... but if I were at home I would be sleeping or blogging!

ehon: 3 getting well hugs for you!!

angel: 1 getting well hug for you!

Nope, haven't done blood test before, but I know I'm allergic to most kinds of seafood. :o(

l b: Thank you! *hug hug hug*

winn: So am I good or am I notti? Or am I a candidate for innocent blogger award? LOL!

mudpie: *slurps orange juice down* Thank you dearie! *hugs*

zewt: Thanks, I'll be sure to do that!

misha: Hi misha darlin'! I'll be sure to get lots of rest. Love ya too! *muack*

paris: Wow... more vitamin C! *pops some pills* Wheeeeeee! Oops. Wrong reaction. LOL!

giddy tiger: I will! *hugs back*

leonard: It's not speedy enough for me right now! *sniffle* I'm running out of tissue...

simple american: Mmm... yummy! I had chicken soup last night too! How did you know?

narrowband: It's the weather! *points fingers* Muahahaha... wah... half a panadol also can ah? I sometimes take two for faster effect!

healy: Thank you dear! I've been by your site too, but didn't stop to leave a comment. Sowwie! Maybe I should be eating organic stuff like Elizabeth, ya?