Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Come on and get fit!

I've been meaning to go on a diet for some time now, but all the yummy food on your blogs and in real life are just sabotaging my good intentions. But I gotta get rid of the flab! *jiggle jiggle* No one wants those extra pounds, right? But it's hard to stay on the diet track if there isn't anyone to help you.

That's where MyFitnessPal comes in. It's a diet and fitness website that claims to be 100% free. I like free. Don't you? *wink* MyFitnessPal wants to help people lose weight the healthy way and I know that weight lost in a healthy manner is going to stay off because it's a lifestyle choice I make and not a diet fad. Among the features (free!) at their site that I could certainly use are a calorie counter so I can keep track of how much calories I'm consuming, a diet journal to record my meal choices and a weekly email newsletter of diet tips, tricks and recipes. They even offer me a free personalized diet profile. What's not to love?

So, armed with MyFitnessPal, I'll be starting on that diet... tomorrow. *grin*

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mudpie said...

i am envy you!!! keep up with the positive thinking .. *hint hint* i might wanna try check out the lick khikhikhik

Paris said...

No need to count calories - it just makes you feel more guilty and everything just gets screwed. Just eat as normal but in smaller portions. Take it from someone who knows ;)

Simple American said...

Best of luck. I don't count calories, but I still lose 10 kg. Just eat good food. :)

And exercise.

may said...

I've lost count of mine. if I see my daily calorie intake, I think I would get a heart attack! lol!

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah* gooood morning to you !!!!

a^ben said...

i never bothered to learn how to count calories cause it will turn me into a miserable person` hahaha :D

healy said...

LOL! This Rinnah......Nowadays everybody is so busy counting money, she wants to count her calories?

It's just like money, what's the use if you just know how to count, but don't know how to save?

Anyway, still wish you good luck for loosing a few kg as you wish! :)

ehon said...

:D :D then i'll post more food pics on my blog! kekekekekekeke~ no lar, im not that evil. :P

Leonard said...

there is always one true sentence - easy to gain weight, hard to lose weight!

i always say to start exercising and lose weight tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes..haha

will tempt u with more food pics!

rinnah said...

mudpie: 5 envious hugs for you!!!

Aiyah... you got your kickboxing to keep you slim mah... but I do think it's a useful site!

paris: 3 calorie counting hugs for you!!

Haha... maybe I need to guilt myself into eating less? Eating in smaller portions makes me hungry faster - I eat more in a whole day then! Wakakakaka!

simple american: 1 weight-loss hug for you!

Did you know... you're my hero for losing that 10kg! Maybe if I wasn't surrounded by all the yummy food in Malaysia...

Exercise. Ouch! Hehehe.

may: No heart attack! Maybe just a panic attack! Kekekekeke! Yeah, I shudder to think how much I consume!

misha: Good afternoon misha dear! How was the Heritage Museum?

a^ben: Hahaha... good thing you didn't count the calories on your KL-Penang trip hor? Otherwise... *pengsan*

healy: Both also I wanna count! Wakakakaka! You're lucky... no weight problems, right?

ehon: Ohhhh! I see horns and tail peeking out from you... tsk tsk. But actually hor, you are indirectly contributing... because I still owe you 4 parts of the foodie tag! LOL!

leonard: You've already tempted me with that strawberry ice-cream hotdog pic! Waaaaaa... now I must go home and have some ice-cream with bread. HCINGF? *pengsan*

Ah Boy said...

Ah BOy dun count calories too..

mudpie said...

kick boxing pause for one month .. tired due to shifting *exhale* *muacks*

rinnah said...

ah boy: But ahboy is lucky, don't need to count the calories one... summore siew pai kuat? Nah... *gives ahboy big big plate of siew pai kuat*

mudpie: Shifting is also exercise mah... can still burn the calories and keep fit. Hehehe. Happy Friday!