Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why Perodua service so liddat one?

I typed this entry while I sat in the Perodua service center wondering to myself why the service standard in Malaysia is so bad. I called up three weeks ago to make an appointment to service my car on a Saturday morning. And they told me that an appointment was only available three weeks later, i.e. today. Now I asked for the earliest slot possible, that is at 8.30 am. And I arrived here at 8.20 am. There was a whole horde of people waiting outside the locked doors and I was a bit apprehensive, wondering if they were all here to service their cars. As it turns out, they were. But all without an appointment. So I “check-in” my car and settle down for a wait, which I am accustomed to and don’t mind as long as it is within reason. That’s at 8.40 am, by the way. Now I know for a fact that I am the first person with a confirmed appointment here, because I saw the appointment book. At 9.20 am, my car is still sitting outside in the parking lot and hasn’t been brought in for service yet. So I go to the counter and ask how come my car is still outside there.

Counter staff: Oh, you have to wait your turn, there are other cars being serviced inside.
Me: But I have the first appointment of the day, right?
Counter staff: Yes, but it only means you have a booked slot, not that your car is serviced first.

?!?!?!?!?!?! I thought an appointment for service means you attend to me first. Right? Right?

Finally my car is brought in for service and one hour later, still no sign of it coming out. So at 10.30 am, my mum (who is getting restless because it’s way overdue for them to finish up by now) goes to look around and lo and behold! The car is already ready, but they didn’t let us know. So we were kicking our heels and waiting around for nothing!

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Anonymous said...

hmm .. no comment on the post!!1

anyway .. happy sunday jiejie rinnah ...

oh yeah ... Mish finished her homework already? Do I get an A+ for completing the homework?

kyh said...

i'm not sure of that since i've nvr been to a service centre b4. but i guess it shud be better than proton's eh?

and chup chup chup! must grab this fast in case i cant make it for the rest of this month!

may said...

I daren't bother with the Perodua service centres, I just go to the good ol' neighbourhood mechanic. does the job well and fast!

ehon said...

welcome to m'sia! :D kakakakakakaka~

a^ben said...

KUANG! their head with minny myvi models` hahahah

parisb said...

Terrible! Eon isn't much better, when I used to drive a Proton. Same tida-apa attitude - vomit blood.

Chen said...

It depends on which Perodua Service Centre u visit. Nowadays I prefer to send my car to the neighbourhood mechanic or workshop.

angel said...

Really &^%$#@@!!!!

Liddat next time no need appointment already lor... go wait at their gate at 730 :D

Leonard said...

it happens to hyudai in singapore too. although you've booking, u need to press # for ur turn and leave your car there for servicing for half a day!!

i'm not sure if it's the same as its seems years i went back to the HQ for servicing!

Winn said...

they no eat otak- otak!!!

zewt said...

i think it's a thing in malaysia. you can book a slot at 10... but if someone walks in at 9.59 ... u will have to wait till that person finishes... before your turn can come.

L B said...

So much to eat, so little time to read..

Big Fat Kisses for you, dear Rinnah!

eastcoastlife said...

oh no! Why make customers wait liddat? Waste of time lah.

narrowband said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
narrowband said...

Perodua service has so far been good to me :D:D SS13, Subang Jaya branch. But yeah, the fact that they didn't inform you that ur car was ready really sucks. You should have given the service advisor (that's their title right?) an earful. Ada tak?

giddy tiger said...

Time to get that Vios! Toyota's got the best service around!

rinnah said...

misha: 5 happy happy hugs for you!!!

Yes, A+ and a gold star for an excellent job on your homework!

kyh: 3 welcome back to chupping hugs for you!!

Actually Perodua's service has been really good except for this time around. Definitely better than Proton anyday!

may: 1 well and fast hug for you!

Yeah, my dad said after this incident no need to go back to Perodua anymore. So I guess I will be going to the neighborhood mechanic from now on!

ehon: Hahaha... aren't YOU in Malaysia right now?

a^ben: Hehehe... I can imagine boing boing with a hammer already...

parisb: What to do... Malaysia mah... tidak-apa attitude exists everywhere! But I have to say Perodua is still better than Eon any day.

chen: So far this branch had given pretty good service, that's why I went back there. Looks like I'll be choosing the neighborhood mechanic for my next service!

angel: Hahahah... I did that before when I didn't know I had to make an appointment... kena turned away!

leonard: Wow... half a day! That's long. I don't think I can sit and wait that long...

winn: Hahaha... so next time I should buy them some and belanja, hor?

zewt: Oh yes, this is so true! Sometimes I wonder why Malaysian companies don't drill their staff in these simple matters... Haizzzz...

l b: Eat more! Eat more! That's what you came back for, isn't it?

*big fat muacks for the emperor*

eastcoastlife: Because they're not customer oriented! I guess they are so sure you will need to come back to them that they couldn't care less.

narrowband: So far it had been alright at this particular branch, but I don't know why on that Saturday the service sucked! I wanted to, but I didn't because I'm just too nice... just came back and ranted in my blog about it. Heh.

giddy tiger: Yeah! Vios... I'm coming... once my PPP makes enough moolah! LOL!

Simple American said...

Makes you want to shake somebody, don't it?

rinnah said...

simple american: I did want to shake them then, but now I think it's not worth the effort. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I was just running a search on Google regarding bad Perodua SCs and I stumbled upon your site. Anyway, I had a bad experience with one of their service centers today. Loooong story.

Customer service in Malaysia leaves much to be desired, be it in banks, restaurants etc..

Rinnah said...

anonymous: Hi! I have to say that this is the only bad experience I have had with the PJ Perodua Service Center in four times of sending my car, so it could be they're having an off day.

Yup, there's no customer service at all in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

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