Thursday, July 26, 2007


While I was spacing out on my precious medical leave, wennnn gave me something nice to day-dream about. She asked me... "What would you do if you had a million?" Wow. A million. Try as I might, I cannot imagine what it would feel like to hold a million bucks in my hands. Would I swim in it? Would I go nuts and throw piles and handfuls of money into the air just for the fun of it? Oh, the many possibilities of fantasies! But... coming back to earth. This is what I would do if I struck the lottery tomorrow and had a million to spend.

1. Quit my job. Yeah, I gripe about it so much I may as well give it the old heave-ho since it's not bringing me anywhere where I want to be.

2. Pay off all my debts. Study loan, personal loan, car loan, credit card bills, what-not. It sure would be nice to be debt-free. And I need to curb my spending too. Cannot spend that million all at one go.

3. Buy a house. Whoa there! Didn't I just say I wanted to be debt-free? Yeah, but I want the security of my own property. Just one house would be enough for me. If I could, I'd buy two houses - one for me and one for my parents. But houses these days are so expensive I don't think the million will cover two houses unless I go to some ulu place or outstation.

4. I'd invest the remaining moolah so that it would give me back returns so I can live on that for the rest of my life or until I find a nice rich husband to marry and leech off. Ahahaha. No FTWM for me. I wanna be a tai-tai (as Simple American correctly deduced) and a SAHM to my future kids. And since I do blog for $$$, that would be my personal pocket money lah.

So there you have it. What rinnah wants to do if she had a million. And I cannot be greedy and keep the million to myself, so I will send the money-making tag machine on to:

giddy tiger (so she can be a SAHM too!)
paris beaverbanks

Since I'm on the subject of moolah, I might as well ask around. *grin* To my fellow Dark Side bloggers in Malaysia, does anyone know of how reputable the VMI card is? I am thinking of getting it so that I can transfer my PayPal monies and finally see the results. I'm getting a bit tired of seeing the amount rising in my PayPal account and not be able to use it since I don't do online shopping. :o)

22 spins:

Leonard said...

CHUP first!!!

Leonard said...

heng ah... i dun have to think how to spend one million ..

Paris said...

CHUP! :) Will get to your tag soon. btw will mail you re money ;)

angel said...

Buy the Wetland House...

mistipurple said...

hahaha. i go kl no need one million kwa? *follows angel chup room at wetland if you buy!* :D

Giddy Tiger said...

You're the THIRD person to tag me with this! Does this mean I have 3 million bucks to burn now?

But what you want to do is pretty much what I want to do with the moolah too!

Chen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chen said...

at first when i read the title ka ching, i thought u wanna write about ka chng aka butt leh !!!
hak sei ngor :P

L B said...

Ya, buy that Wetlands House!! Then we can lepak every evening at the Mamak's, or at Auntie Juliet's! Or even go fishing outside mudpie's house!! Quick, buy, buy, buy!!!

zewt said...

yes... quit the damn job first!!! haha!!

eh... you got personal loan to pay off ah... woooaaahhhh....

Simple American said...

You win that money you must come and visit me. Then I teach you how to be a Jedi. :)

Simple American said...

Meme completed.

Wennnn said...

Good way of spending the money!! Everybody when get soo much money hor first time sure quits the job!! Wakakakaka

ehon said...

eh, how about sponsoring a trip for me to go back?! :D

narrowband said...

Wei, rich husbands usually very old dy wor. And hor, cannot 'stand' firm wan wor. You sure ar? (some gals think, "Better still! Earlier 'go', can waris all the harta:p". Haha...

You're a traditionalist indeed :p You don't love your job meh. Try to fall in love with it le, mebbe after that, few years more you won't yearn for a 'rich husband' anymore (that is to say, any nice guy - minus the wealth - would suffice).

rinnah said...

leonard: 5 thinking hugs for you!!!

So, you already know what you want to do with your million? *wink*

paris: 3 hugs for your CHUP!!

Take your time... it's a million, so spend wisely! Hehehe.

Received your mail with thanks!

angel: 1 wetland hug for you!

I don't even know where the wetlands are! Kekekekekeke!

mistipurple: One million not enough ah? You want two million? LOL!

There'll always be room in my house for all of you!

giddy tiger: Wow... you would be rich then! 1 million for you, 1 million for Pete and 1 million for Ethan boy?

Actually, there were more outrageous stuff that I wanted to do with the million! LOL!

chen: Aiyo... ka ch'ng is the specialty of a^ben leh... first I need to learn the proper style of io-ing... *grin*

l b: Then I'd be your new neighbor, hor? Quick! Where's my million? *looks around for the lotto ticket*

zewt: That's topmost in my mind! Hahaha... what to do... slave life is miserable mah.

Ya... the personal loan was for my studies. *bleargh*

simple american: Roger that, o Jedi Master! I am honoured, your Padawan, to be.

I saw your meme! Hehehe.

wennnn: Yesssss... quit job is a must! LOL! Come I take the money fly to Rhone and drink wine with you......

ehon: Dun wan leh. Hehehe. I'd rather sponsor myself to go Ozland and visit you and May. LOL!

rinnah said...

narrowband: I'm sure there are still a few rich young ones out there, no? *grin* Haha... I'm not Anna Nicole Smith... old one cannot leh.

Heh. My mum calls me old-fashioned... all I want is for the guy to be able to support his family reasonably well sudah cukup. But of course if he is rich then bonus lah! *wink*

But this job ah... cannot love it lah. Maybe some other job can lah... this job sucks. :o(

healy said...

Haha... Don't want to be Cinderella already, right? But then... Cinderella get a chance to marry Prince charming wor... So how? still wanna quit? Prince charn=ming may be got more than 1 million, you know?


healy said...

What is your email actually? About the money, why don't you transfer to someone that actually do the pay pal transaction for bloggers through his account? Just email( is in my blog) me if you need anything detail.

rinnah said...

healy: Cinderella had a poor life until she met her Prince Charming. Hehehe. Real-life Prince Charmings are hard to find, so a girl's gotta look out for herself.

You can email me at rinnah.lee[at] I heard of a few of these people doing it, but I'd rather try getting the $$$ on my own. Heheh.

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