Thursday, July 05, 2007

May the fours be with you

Angel wants to know if I have the fours with me. Methinks she must have mixed up the Force with fours because while I like to think of myself as a Jedi Padawan, I dunno much about fours. But these fours are about me.

With a little four here and a little four there, four here, four there, four everywhere... I'm seeing fours! Fore! *whacks the golf ball*

Okie, enough monkeying around. *grin* Let's getta move on. Four-ward! (OK, bad pun. LOL!)

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Party planner (event organizer)
2. Fee collector (dance school administrator)
3. Stationery guardian (admin assistant)
4. Flower vase (secretary)
(wanna find a new job)

Four places I have lived:
1. My home
2. Kay-Elle
3. Pee-Jay
4. Malaysia
(yes, I'm not a globe trotter yet)

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Genting Highlands
2. Fraser's Hills
3. Cameron Highlands
4. Bukit Tinggi
(I love cool weather!)

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Pasta
2. Nachos
3. Chicken rice
4. Chocolate (dark bitter please)

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. In bed sleeping
2. Shopping. Anywhere.
3. At Harvard University?
4. At the Ho Kwai Fann resort on a deserted island with other bloggers

Four friends to tag:
1. Ethan Boy's On All Fours!
2. Misha mei mei's colourful quattro
3. Dr. Chen's the Fantastic Four
4. Wennnn

19 spins:

zewt said...

harvard???? u sure?

i tot it's a 5 tag... 4? hmmmm....

Chen said...

Actually hoh, i did the same tag one and half year ago liao (in January 2006). Can i just copy and paste the answer?

Parisb said...

I love cool weather and pasta too! Oh and LOL at the flower vase :D

L B said...

Love, love, love...
Forget about love, use the fours, Luke!

a^ben said...

late for chup~~~

may the force be with u :P

a^ben said...

ey` ish! let me try that again~

may the FOURS be with u~

yesh! i got it~

ehon said...

that chen so lazy! tsk tsk tsk. lol!

bitter (dark) choc good for health! :D

angel said...

thanks for doing it!

party planner... woooo... :D

Enjoy the Friday Force! ;)

Anonymous said...

good morning jiejie rinnah ....

a tag .. hehehe .. i will try to pass up homework as soon as possible ...

happy friday to you!!!

Wennnn said...

Aiks cialat... Kena tagged again!! The first thing I do is scroll down and see I kena or not!! Alamak my name is there!!!

Leonard said...

good luck to Wennnn in doing the tag!!

be the fours with you!! hahaha

Ethan Boy said...

Thanks Rinnah Jiejie! My Mommy will be completing this tag for me soon!

may said...

I'm not a globe-trotter myself, except just this one time, now that I'm here... LOL!

looks like we're missing a fourth Jedi for your Fours. the Fours is strong in these ones...

rinnah said...

zewt: 5 Harvard hugs for you!!!

Yeah, Harvard is a dream that I hope to turn into a goal someday. *grin*

Uh, this version that I got tagged with is 4 only worr...

chen: 3 cut 'n' paste hugs for you!!

Sorry... I wasn't around one and a half years ago to read your meme... hehehe. Can can, as long as I get to read it!

parisb: 1 flowery hug for you!

I'll never be found at the beach of my own free will! Hehehe. I burn too easily in the sun, that's why I prefer cool weather.

Sit here and look pretty is like a flower vase, right? LOL!

rinnah said...

l b: No more love but fours now? LOL!

a^ben: No worries! Plenty more posts to chup in the future!

Oh yes... the Force is strong with this one... Kekekekeke!

Oh. Fours eh? Yes yes, the FOURS are with me. Hehehe.

ehon: Then you do on her behalf la... want? I give you her tag. LOL!

Yes, the more bitter the better! (Also the more expensive, you know.)

angel: You know I lup tags!

Yeah... party planner. Hehehe. A short lived career choice.

*does the Happy Friday dance*

misha: Good afternoon sweetie!

Take your time doing it... but I look forward to reading it!

*does the Happy Friday dance with mishmish*

wennnn: Hehehe... I think this is the first time I am tagging you, right?

leonard: You escaped this time, leonard skywalker! LOL!

ethan boy: Hello and welcome there Ethan Boy! So nice to see you here!

Yup, I'm sure Mommy will do the tag as well as you would too!

may: Haha... I've only been to the border of Thailand and over to our neighbors Singapore! That's all! LOL!

I thought I was the fourth missing Jedi? No? Wakakakaka!

Chen said...

Finally I submitted my homework liao.. after so long :P

rinnah said...

chen: Not long, not long! Thanks for doing your homework even though you've done it before! *hugs*

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