Thursday, July 19, 2007

Am I a social climber? I'd say yes

This has been a very rewarding week for me. Why? Because I've gotten not one, but TWO awards this week! You say keng or not? LOL! First I got awarded the Rockin' Girl Blogger by Paris Beaverbanks. Now, Narrowband has awarded me with the Schmoozilicious Blogger award. *grin*

For those not in the know, the power of schmooze is defined
as, "To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection". And you know, in the blogworld, it's all about the connections / conversations you have with others online, because that's all there is to see. Just the power of your words. In the true vein of a schmoozer, I'm going to pass on this award to five other bloggers whom I think have the power of schmoozing...

l b

giddy tiger

So go on, people. Schmooze!

17 spins:

zewt said...

ahh... my second one... :)

thank you very much... am i the first here?

zewt said...

oh yeah... i am!

angel said...

Happy Schmoozey Flyday!

Chen said...

Happy Schmoozing :D

Simple American said...

Schmoozilicious congratulations to your Miss Rinnah. *hugs*

ehon said...

:D thanks Rinnah! It's a great pleasure, really. Esp when I'm put together with another 4 bloggers I have high respect for..

ehon said...

oh, happy schmoozing friday! (still cant really spell schmooze. :P)

rmbr to smile a bit, laugh a bit, and giggle a bit! :D

may said...

schmoo schmooooooo!! thank you for that award, I feel so schmoozed by you, you smooth-talkin' spin doctor! *blush*

time to make some other schmoozers happy... ;-)

may said...

oh, where are my manners? congratulations to you too, fellow schmoozer! *wink*

Anonymous said...

*jiejie rinnah*

good morning to you .. have a nice friday too!

rinnah said...

zewt: 5 schmoozing hugs for you!!! Yes, you're the first!

You're a double schmooze master then!

angel: 3 Happy Schmoozey Flyday hugs for you!!

chen: 1 Happy Schmoozing hug for you!

simple american: Tengkiu! Tengkiu! *hugs*

ehon: You schmoozer you! Yaloh, you talk so much I surely must remember you when I think of schmoozing! LOL!

*laughing and giggling my way thru Friday at ehon's advice*

may: Schmoo! Schmooooooo! Where's mistimoo? Oh yes, you're one of my favorite people to schmooze with!

Congratulations to all the schmoozers!

misha: Good morning misha dear! It's Friday! Jiejie is happy! It's the weekend! Wheeee!

L B said...

And I thought a schmoooze is a deep, deep, deep, long lingering, passionate kiss!!!

rinnah said...

l b: No, dear Emperor... that deep, deep, deep, long lingering, passionate kiss is a SMOOCH from your many concubines!

zewt said...

double!! haha... i like.

giddy tiger said...

This LB ah...donno the difference between smooching and schmoozing... :P
but hey, thanks for rating me a BIG SCHMOOZE!!!!

mudpie said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa congratulations!!!! happy schmoozing weekend!!!

rinnah said...

zewt: And so I saw! You've got it up on the sidebar of your blog...

giddy tiger: Ah... it must be the time difference between Italy and Malaysia that has our Emperor a bit blur blur tei...

Yes, you're a big schmooze you are! Now just for the face to face schmoozing, yeah?

mudpie: Thank you! Thank you! My weekend wasn't really great, unfortunately, but I still got to schmooze with my friends! LOL!