Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Make me popular. Please?

I did two things today that could help generate more traffic for It's all about the spin...

First, I did my first guest blogger stint (for a good cause) over at The Giving Hands. A post on how you can do your bit for water conservation.

Then, I signed up for BlogRush. It's a traffic referral system that promotes your posts on blogs of similar nature and vice-versa through the widget positioned on my sidebar there. It's claimed that they can boost your site traffic. Oh, and if you're game to join the referral rush, do click on this link here as it'll give me referral credits. Thankyew very muchie!

7 spins:

Wennnn said...

U oredi very popular wor!! How popular more U wan ahhh... Okie come I bring camera to take more pictures and post it up

L B said...

*enters rinnah's name into the cast of HEROES.....*

Tom Wigley said...

I signed up for blogrush yesterday
thats how i found you

rinnah said...

wennnn: 5 popular hugs for you!!!

Hahaha... I want my Google PageRank to go up at least one more rank so I can get better sponsored posts!

*poses for the camera*

l b: 3 heroic hugs for you!!

What's my superpower?

tom wigley: Hi Tom! Welcome to my blog. You have just earned yourself 1 hug for being the third unique commentator on this post!

Hopefully we'll both see a lot more traffic with this BlogRush widget, eh? *wink*

Giddy Tiger said...

Aiya, missed out on the chup :(
But I still love you and your blog!

ehon said...

hahahaha. wah! that proves that blogrush works!! wowweeeee~ i also signed up with blogrush but haven't write a post for it yett..

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: No worries, plenty more posts for you to chup!

Ahahaha... fishing for compliments does work! And I lup you and all your blogs too!

ehon: Whatcha waiting for? Hurry, hurry go promote your rojak'd life!