Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wanna dance with me?

I was watching a dance performance today that made me just want to pick up my feet and dance right along with the dancers... their grace and energy was just so infectious! I've always hankered after salsa lessons because there's something so elegant and sensous about being able to perform Latin dance.

Did you know that
bachata is the latest craze to hit the Latin dancing scene? I did a Wikipedia search and found out that it originates from the countryside of the Dominican Republic and is closely related to the bolero.

I don't think I'll be able to find time out of my schedule to attend weekly dance lessons, but there's still a way for me to learn. I can get sets off the Internet that allow me to learn dance step-by-step from the comfort of my own home.

Now who wants to dance with me?

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6 spins:

L B said...

Joget? Yeahhhhh?... LOL..

Wennnn said...

I wanna dance with you.... Wat style U like???? Joget macam mana Chicken Bro???

mistipurple said...

lol at wennnn! chicken sister dance with chicken brother. this, i must watch!
rinnah, let's shake our bootie too!

may said...

bachata? errr... let's do the cha cha instead!

Giddy Tiger said...

Yes! I wanna dance with you!

rinnah said...

l b: 5 joget hugs for you!!!

I'd like to see you dance... LOL!

wennnn: 3 dance hugs for you!!

I dunno wor... let's watch LB joget first, okay? *grin*

mistipurple: 1 laughing hug for you!

*shakes booty on the sidelines with misti while watching wennnn and lb joget center stage*

may: Errrr... I dunno cha cha worrr... I follow you, k?

giddy tiger: Wheeeee! *dances with GT*