Monday, September 17, 2007

Bippity boppity boo! (more bits and bobs)

I wonder how many people have noticed that Neighborhood Cafe in Kota Damansara no longer offers their much touted (initially!) free wifi service? Not many, I suppose. No one eating there seemed remotely interested in surfing when I was there on Saturday. But I did see a short snippet of A Better Tomorrow while I was having my lunch. Chow Yun Fat and Leslie Cheung were soooooo young! (And CYF was much slimmer and seemed to have more hair.) I haven't seen a really good HK film in ages. The new ones and me just don't seem to gel.

Does anyone know the difference between a plasma and a LCD screen? Was nosing around an electronics shop (the shophouse kind) yesterday and surprised that the televisions were so cheap. Only RM3899 for a LG 32 inch LCD screen tv. Even the bigger ones were still quite cheap, like around RM4999 and way below the prices seen in electronics stores in malls.

The McDonald's at Kota Damansara seems to have serious problems with their milkshake machine. It's always working one week and spoilt the next. And I get cranky if I don't get my weekly Saturday milkshake fix. Bah.

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narrowband said...

Some people say plasma TVs are clearer, but I personally think that's debatable, if not untrue. They could be equal in terms of display quality. I would go for LCD because based on my senior's experience, he said LCD lasts longer (plasma screens suffer from some kinda burn-in - the reason why we need screen-savers for CRT monitors). Btw, he's very experienced in his job, and deals with procurement of project materials including LCDs and plasmas, so I think his opinion carries some weight.

Do a quick research online and you'll see that LCD also consumes less power compared to plasma. Conclusion, personally, I vote for LCD :p

angel said...

one more chup here! nowadays, it's LCD, no more plasma tv! and i've done my 'survey'! Gotta say that Sony is the one with the most 'ching' picture!

ehon said...

lol! angel and her 'ching'. lol! congrats on ur graduation againn!! :D i'd say LCD tooo.. well, but then again, i think it's personal interest also lorr.

Simple American said...

LCD and plasma. That sounds like something beyond the ken of the force. Try Star Trek. :P In other words I dunno.

No shakes at Mickey Dees!!! Downright blasphemous!

may said...

did it ever have free wifi? LOL! haven't hung out at Kota Damansara much lately... been at Kota Kemuning instead... ;-)

giddy tiger said...

If I ain't mistaken, a plasma TV is an LCD but an LCD TV is not necessarily a plasma. I could be wrong though...

rinnah said...

narrowband: 5 detailed hugs for you!!!

You're the best, man! Whenever I gotta question you'll post this long and detailed answer about all you know.

Actually, on the surface, I did think the LCD rendered a better and clearer picture that I personally liked better than the plasma.

angel: 3 more hugs for you!!

Sony, huh? I must go survery the prices of LCD brands now then. *grin*

ehon: 1 LOL hug for you!

I see most people are going LCD, huh? Guess majority rulez! Kekekekeke.

simple american: Hahaha... did I ever mention that I love Star Trek too? Yup, I'm a Trekkie Padawan. LOL!

Yes! Someone who agrees with me! It's absolutely intolerable that there are no shakes at McD's.

may: Yes it did! But I think no one ever used it. Kuakuakua...

Ah yes, the hotspot's at Kota Kemuning now, eh?

giddy tiger: Blur liao... Plasma / LCD / LCD / Plasma...