Thursday, September 27, 2007

A bed fit for a princess

One of my favorite pastimes is to flip through home decorating magazines or visit showunits of houses / apartments that are for viewing. And it never fails to amaze me that the bedrooms are always so perfect and so beautiful. I mean, it's never messy, looks picture perfect and just invites you to jump onto the bed for a nap. As Eliza Doolittle would say, "Isn't it just luverly?"

I for one would love for someone to change my duvet set every week just so that I could have some variety in the color and designs. LOL! Did you know that duvets come in printed, embroidered and quilted styles that can run into the hundreds and thousands of designs? I could have a different design for every week and yet not be able to finish it by the end of my lifetime. Teeheehee!

You can find a lovely range of duvets available at Terry's Fabrics. There's even a design called the Misha and a very princessy embroidered duvet set it is too! Reminds me of a certain little princess Misha in HK. *grin* Not only is the bedding from Terry's super cool and pretty, they are also quality assured so that you can get that good night's rest and sleep.

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4 spins:

Giddy Tiger said...

Oooh, MUST have good bed and bedding! That's so necessary for a well-rested sleep!

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: 5 well-rested hugs for you!!!

So your bed and bedding must be really good, hor? *wink*

mistipurple said...

i want.. to ..sleep .....on Terry's bedding..

rinnah said...

mistipurple: 3 sleepy hugs for you!!

I'm sure your sleep schedule would be greatly improved if you sleep on Terry's bedding, right?