Sunday, September 02, 2007

I wish for...

~ Toyota Vios 1.5G in phantom gray
~ 2 week vacation to Australia / America / England
~ Visit to Disneyland, Hong Kong
~ Sony Vaio laptop in hot pink
~ Nokia N95 8GB edition
~ Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 camera
~ and many other things besides this list...

How do I intend to get these things? Well, besides hoping that someone will be so kind as to buy them for me or give me the moolah to do so, I will work hard at getting enough $$$ for it! But if I just work my regular 9 to 6 (with extended hours!) job, I wouldn't be able to get my wishlist for a very, very long time.

So when I started looking for ways to make some extra $$$, I knew immediately when I discovered it that blogging for money was the way to go. After all, I love to write and the fact that I actually
get paid to blog is a dream come true. PayPerPost makes it so easy for me to earn and I'm absolutely thrilled at the fact that they pay me in USD, which more than triples my earning power. I'm just waiting for the day to come where I can earn enough from writing sponsored blog posts that I can quit my day job. Wheeeeee!

(Although there are those out there who don't like the idea of sponsored blog posts in between regular posts, I would have to say that you have the option of skipping these posts but I do try and give each post a personalized and tailored touch so that you don't feel that it's an advertisement per se.)

So, you could say that PayPerPost is giving me a shot at the opportunity of making my dreams come true. *grin*

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angel said...

No Apple for you? ^^

may said...

and a pear tree, too! ;-)

a^ben said...

ahhahah ur wish list got a few items identical to mine wor!!

Anonymous said...

misha also has a few wish list like yours !!!

happy monday!

Leonard said...

wah wish list ah...

some of the items are similar but of different brand and model..

work hard for them, so do i!

giddy tiger said... are so specific in your wishes... and i share the same sentiments as you do!

rinnah said...

angel: 5 Apple hugs for you!!!

Ahaha... I haven't been converted yet. Not yet anyway. *grin*

may: 3 pear hugs for you!!

a^ben: 1 identical hug for you!

Really? Which ones are identical? *kaypoh*

misha: When are you going to share your wish list with us? Christmas coming, you know... *wink*

Happy Monday to you too, babe!

leonard: Yeah... everyone has a wish list, right? Come on and join the Dark Side... you'll get your wishes that much sooner! LOL!

giddy tiger: Actually hor, it's a lot longer... just that I listed only the big ticket items here. I really should update my wish list widget in the sidebar. *grin*

zewt said...

it's nice to be able to do something you enjoy and still make money from it ... right?

Chen said...

pink laptop looks... pink leh
hehhehhe :P

rinnah said...

zewt: Oh yeah... it's nice to see the money growing in my PayPal account! But even better when I get to spend it... *grin*

chen: Pink laptop is sooooo cute and girly. Hehe. My current laptop is black.

Simple American said...

Wishing is fun. Especially when the dream comes true. Hope yours come true soon!

rinnah said...

simple american: What are you wishing for? *grin* I'm working towards my goal... hopefully I can do one paid post per day!