Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Truthfully speaking...

Got tagged by a new blogging friend - Trinity from Indonesia. Trinity wants to know the eight questions / statements she (and anyone else) shouldn't ask or say to me. What a tag! This one is really keng... makes you have to be 101% truthful. Kakakakaka.

OK. Here goes nothing... stand back and watch the stuff fly!

D O N ' T

Say that I look fat / put on weight since you last met me

Yes, I know I'll always have that baby fat look. No matter how thin I get, my face still looks large and fat. You don't have to rub it in, k?

Ask where is my boyfriend / future husband / other half
He'll come when he comes lah. And when he finally arrives in my life, you'll get to meet him. Because I'll make sure that you do. But until that day comes along, I would rather not have to field those questions. *grin*

Ask me when I'm going to get married
For this one, first I need a boyfriend. And as for boyfriends, please refer to the statement above.

Say I told you so
Gee, now if only I had listened earlier, right? I think no one likes that pointed out to them after something has happened.

Say, "And one more thing before you go..."
This only applies to people I work with. If you want me to do something, tell me earlier. Not at 7.00pm when I've already turned off my PC and packed my bags and am standing at the office door.

Tell me, "It doesn't matter"
If I brought it up, it means it matters a whole lot to me. At least hear my rant out. Don't try to fix it, just listen to my rant. Sympathize or empathize with me, then see if there's a way to work things out.

Tell me, "Five more minutes / I'm on the way / soon"
Unless you really mean it. Five minutes doesn't mean fifteen (like in Malaysian rubber time), I'm on the way doesn't mean you're just leaving the house, soon isn't later when you feel like it. OK, so I'm guilty of this one sometimes too. *blush*

Say, "Eh, why you so funny one... always blogging all the time"
This only applies to non-members of the blogging community. Unfortunately, there are many out there and I have to curb my blogivitis symptoms when I'm with them.

Those who've already been truthful are...
Ogre the Caveman
Janice this is a miracle
Trinity from Rooms of My Heart
rinnah from It's all about the spin...

And those who need to be truthful are...
Giddy Tiger
Simple American
Paris Beaverbanks

17 spins:

giddy tiger said...

Oooh..another tag...*rubs hands with glee*
Don't worry, I am very the truthful wan...

angel said...

*wordless comment*
I wont say lorrr...

angel said...

Oh... You have been tagged!

parisb said...

8 ah? let me think...

may said...

*takes note*
*makes sure no say fat or 5 minutes*

ehon said...

hahahahahahahaaha!! i dislike when ppl say, 'u got so much time to blog!'.. i think it's not a matter of time or no time lor!

L B said...

I just called...
to say...
I love you...

Trinity said...

smart answers!
I also hate what you hate... hahaha... thanks Rinnah!


rinnah said...

giddy tiger: 5 gleeful hugs for you!!!

I await your truth eagerly!

angel: 3 wordless hugs for you!!

Hehehe... that makes me very happy that I won't hear it from you. *grin*

I already done that tag orrrrr...

parisb: 1 thinking hug for you!

Take your time... no hurry!

may: Teeheehee! So serious ar... just kidding mah!

ehon: Yeah... it's a matter of whether you want to or not! And how you juggle your time so that you can find time to blog. *grin*

l b: Love that old song!

I just called to say how much I care...

trinity: Hehehe... I think most people would hate the same things. *grin*

Simple American said...

Truthful as in ...? *grins*

Of course I'm gonna be honest. Will do soon.

Did I write soon?

rinnah said...

simple american: I know you're super honest. LOL! Yes, you did write soon... how soon is soon? *wink*

Simple American said...

It has been done.

rinnah said...

simple american: And I saw it too!

littlepolaris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
littlepolaris said...

this is one interesting tag haha.
seems like all the girls, ladies, women always get the "u looked fat" comment .

rinnah said...

littlepolaris: Hi and welcome to my blog!

Yeah, all females don't want to get comments that we're fat, right? But I know that's not a problem for you... you're so slim and pretty!

psst... I read your blog, actually. *grin*

鳳梨酥Blue said...