Friday, September 07, 2007

I love Ikea!

I came home from work today to find the 2008 Ikea catalog sitting pretty on the living room coffee table.

Oh. My. Ikea.

There's something irresistable about the shiny pages of the brand new Ikea catalog that draw me to flipping through it and exclaiming at this and that. I've already gone through it once and am planning to go thru it again to mark out what items I'd like to see in the flesh this weekend. Actually, that's tomorrow. I'm definitely going to drop by Ikea to check out their new stuff. LOL!

This is NOT a sponsored post. ROTFL!

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may said...

I saw the catalogue in my brother's house too! whee!! <3 <3 <3

zewt said...

Ikea... think they are over-priced. u sure this is not sponsored? :P

giddy tiger said...

No fair! How come the catalogue is not on MY coffee table yet? Psst...check out what's good and let me know, yeah?

mistipurple said...

lol, now we must say when it is not a sponsored post!

Chen said...

I just told May a couple of minutes ago regarding IKEA. The last time i visited IKEA was more than a decade ago.. in 1996 i presume? if not, it's 1995 :P

Winn said...

i love ikea too!! u got their card or ont.

narrowband said...

Lol I think anyone would love to see their catalogues. I used to see page-by-page and imagine my room or house with those deco and arrangement and setting.. lol.. So I'd spend quite some time on each page. I never get tired of Ikea catalogues, old or new ;p

Anonymous said...

I also have the 2008 IKEA catalog too in HK .. but it is different version .. hehehe :)

ehon said...

i heart ikea!! :D :D from the food to the furniture! it's all gooood! :D :D

my mum's fave shop. lol! everytime go KL MUST go ikea.

rinnah said...

may: 5 wheeee hugs for you!!!

Did you see anything you liked in there?

zewt: 3 over-priced hugs for you!!

Haha... I agree that some items are overpriced, but other things can be dirt-cheap! Yeah, this is definitely not sponsored. LOL!

giddy tiger: 1 no fair hug for you!

Do you get the catalogues in Penang? Anyway, you can always drop by when you next come, eh? *wink*

mistipurple: Hahaha... yeah. Must keep our readers informed mah...

chen: Hehe... that must have been when it first opened, right? The new store is much, much better and nicer to walk. LOL!

winn: (Nearly) everyone loves Ikea! I applied for the credit card when it first came out but didn't get it. Now can't be bothered to apply for their members card. LOL!

narrowband: You're an Ikeaholic too? Who would have expected it? Heh.

Thinking of getting anything this year?

misha: Ooo... are you going to post it on your blog for us to look at?

ehon: Come to Ikea when you're in KL la... I love the Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam!

Simple American said...

I love the Ikea catalog too. Especially when you get those components and you can play how does this go with that on those buildable components.

rinnah said...

simple american: So what in your house comes from Ikea? Hehe.

I'd like to decorate my future home almost entirely in Ikea... my future hubby will have to do all the assembly! LOL!

Simple American said...

All of the shelving in my garage. My desk is the old kitchen table and there are the chairs that went with it also. Nice wood lasts forever. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: Absolutely agreed with ya! Nice wood lasts forever and looks good too!