Sunday, September 02, 2007

Floria - Putrajaya Flower & Garden Exhibition 2007

Nothing spectacular happened on Merdeka Day eve. In fact, I was asleep at the stroke of midnight. No fireworks to see! Boohoo.

I was in yellow on Merdeka Day when I made the trip up to Putrajaya for the floral exhibition. So sad, no one was attired in the colour save for one or two kids. Malaysians are a sad lot. Looks like it's back to moaning at the mamak then.

I may not be able to post anything else tomorrow as I have to make a trip down to Melaka with the family. It's an event of sorts as one of my cousin brothers is a pastor of a local church there and he's preaching tomorrow. The family will be there to give him our support.

So here's an early birthday shoutout to Chen! May you be happy happy always and keep on sampat-ing in blogland and on Facebook! Since you are always posting pictures of weird weird tei fruits and animals etc, I hope you enjoy the pics I took at the Floria Putrajaya...

The family made a trip out to Putrajaya on Friday to look see look see the Floria - Putrajaya Flower & Garden Exhibition 2007. We were supposed to go there in the morning, but slept in a bit and by the time we were ready to go, it was time for lunch. So we lunched first before heading out to Putrajaya and after a detour or two (to see some other stuff) we finally arrived at 3.00pm! Now Floria is being held at the lakeside in Precinct 2 near the Seri Wawasan bridge. Some of the outdoors photos below:

After that we moved indoors to the Floral Pavilion where all the displays were shown. There were crowds of people - really people mountain people sea. Plenty of photobugs too - amateur ones with normal digital cameras, semi-professionals / professionals with their big DSLRs and those who just wanted in on the fun with their cameraphones. I found the lighting indoors to be really bad - dim and orange - that made the poor flowers and plants look positively half dead in some places. Actually, they were already dying to begin with because this weekend is the tailend of the exhibition. And with the 101 people milling around all jostling for good positions to see the flowers and taking photos left, right and center with flash made it rather hard to take any good photos of your own. Apologies in advance if the pictures have a somewhat orange-y tint; I hate taking photos with flash as I think it makes most shots look unnatural and I prefer natural lighting as it more accurately reflects the setting. The following is a selection of the better pictures of the still alive! floral exhibits from the individual exhibitions:

There were the cutest things to photograph in the hall where they laid out the fine dining arrangements... have a peek and doncha think it's so kawaii? And finally, here are the individual arrangements and the assorted knicks, knacks and bric a brac or loose ends of the floral stuff:

Unfortunately, we did not stay for the fireworks as we wanted to get out before the people came in. (But I always get to see 'em via Narrowband's website. LOL!) And just as we left the Floral Pavilion, big fat drops of rain spattered down, forcing everyone to seek shelter. So, we went home! Heh. That ended the excursion to Putrajaya on a rather wet note.

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giddy tiger said...

I'm here to ooh and aah at the pictures and to CHUP! :)

angel said...

Kiasu chupper here!
Chup first! Muahaha!

angel said...

Alamak... paiseh... :p

Got chicky little!

Hmmm... think I'll pass this heh heh...

H A P P Y B U R F D A Y , C H E N !

a^ben said...

ahhahah the high heel on the flower a bit scary ahahahha :P

so many bunga!!! got bees or not??

narrowband said...

Wow Rinnah! Nice coverage, photos-aplenty!! LOL, and thanks too for the mention... haha!

Chen said...

Thanks Rinnah
i only been to Putrajaya once, and that was way back in 2004. Nice photos u have out there :D

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: 5 ooh aah hugs for you!!!

That's a great start for September, yeah?

angel: 3 kiasu hugs for you!!

Happy Burfday to Chen again!

The Chicken Little was rather cute, I thought!

a^ben: 1 scary hug for you!

Scary meh? I thought it was cute... like Daisy Duck's high heel. LOL!

No bees worrr... but got one lah. If you look closely at the pic of orange/yellow flowers, there's a bee somewhere there.

narrowband: Ahahaha... this part of my blogivitis has been hidden pretty well thus far. But thanks to Slide... you can expect plenty more pictures to come!

No need to mention the mention... (What a pun! LOL!) Good pics deserve free advertisement. *grin*

chen: You're welcome! And hugs for you!

I go to Putrajaya twice yearly. Always go to the Botanical Gardens and take lotsa pics. *grin*

But after reading about your big kick @$$ camera, I paiseh my pics are so amateurish!

Simple American said...

Looks like a nice day. How far away from Kay El is that? I so need a map.

*hugs* I wore yellow over here. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: It's about 40 mins drive from KL city, near to the International Airport. Really nice place to go! *grin*

You're more Malaysian than most Malaysians. *double hug*