Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blogging smart with Smorty

Since I have recently disclosed my wish list to the world, I must now work doubly hard at getting more moolah so that I can show you guys that it can be done. *grin* This is why I blog smart with Smorty, a blog advertising channel, which is another avenue whereby I can get paid to blog. Hehehe. Can anyone hear the ka-ching of my savings box?

Smorty introduces bloggers to advertiser's opportunities with products / services / websites to review. When companies
advertise on blogs, they are reaching out to an extremely savvy group of users and who are likely to give their honest opinion about the product or service. What I like best about Smorty is that they pay you weekly once your post is approved, unlike other similar companies that make you wait up to one month before you get paid. I also like the fact that their opps are straightforward in the sense that they specify clearly that one or two links have to be posted. Even better in my opinion is the period of three days given to you so that you can finish up your post because I find that it allows me to write a better, more tailored post.

So if you wanna give blogging for money a go, why not check out Smorty?

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3 spins:

angel said...

So can belanja already! :D

Giddy Tiger said...

Savvy bloggers = us, right?
*beams with pride*
And I know exactly which OTHER companies take up to a month to make a payout...*nudge*

rinnah said...

angel: 5 belanja hugs for you!!!

Sure can. Holly's Coffee?

giddy tiger: 3 savvy hugs for you!!

Of course I meant you... who else were you thinking of? *grin*

Uh huh... I'm very impatient wan... I want my $$$ as soon as my post's approved! LOL!