Thursday, September 13, 2007

In loving memory of Freedom (2007)

Freedom aka Freddie boy (23/08/2007 - 10/09/2007)

Freddie entered our lives on 01 September 2007 after the story of his rather dramatic rescue. We estimate that Freddie was born somewhere around 23 August 2007, and he left the earth on 10 September 2007, one day short of 9/11 and just shy of three weeks old. No bigger than a hamster, Freddie resembled a miniature tiger cub at the head. Lil' round head, big black eyes, small pink mouth and the coloring and stripes of a tiger cub. Had he lived, he would have been a big cat, for his body was long and his paws large.

Our favorite memories of Freddie are when he was taking his milk. It was a struggle between human and cat to feed him at first. He would excitedly mew (in a very loud voice for something so wee in size!) and search for the teat but promptly spit it out when he realized that it was a rubber teat and not mother cat's nipples. But of course hunger would overcome instinct and he would reluctantly suck on the cat milk bottle we got for him. Upon drinking, he would pause to take a breather every now and then, mouth dripping in milk and looking like a poster boy for those Got Milk? advertisements. When he had had his fill, he would contently purr like a miniature motorized motorboat, going brrrrrrrrrr and he is also the only cat I know who mews like this, "Nyek! Nyek!" LOL!

Because of his previous traumatic experience, he felt insecure being left alone in open spaces and would mew worriedly and anxiously at the top of his voice. He loved the security blanket feel of this towel and would mew in complaint if you removed it. He was also a very clever and vocal kitty, communicating with us constantly with his varied mews and ever so alert to the slightest sound. If he realized you were there, he would mew at the top of his voice to be fed or held or played with and wouldn't stop until he was sure you were gone. He was a quick learner too, adapting to the milk bottle and resisting any attempts to train him otherwise.

So wee, so adorable, and within the space of one short week, he managed to wriggle his way into our hearts. Love you, Freddie boy.

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zewt said...

this certainly stands out as one of the best ARK...

mistipurple said...

hugz. and another hug.

a^ben said...

awwwwwwwwww :(

freddie is such an adorable creature

rest in peace`

may said...

rest in peace, Freddie... may you always be a rockin' meow in Kitty Heaven!!

Giddy Tiger said...

That is one awesome tribute to one adorable and much-loved kitty. Freddie, we will all miss you.

Leonard said...

Hope Freddie can find a new home up there!!!

so cute!!! lup you freddie!

ehon said...

:) a short, sweet life well lived. maybe it was to just enter your life for that period? maybe it's an angel. :D

rest in peace, Freddie.

Chen said...

sorry to hear that

narrowband said...

Despite the short time he spent under your care, I'm impressed by the emotional bonding you have. I'm sure he's in a much, much better place now!

rinnah said...

zewt: 5 ARK hugs for you!!!

LOL! I never thought of rescuing Freddie as being an ARK...

mistipurple: 3 hugs back for ya!

a^ben: 1 awwwwwww hug for you!

Freddie is certainly cute, ain't he? *grin*

may: I'm sure Freddie's going "Nyek! Nyek!" up there at your comment! LOL!

giddy tiger: Thanks! I only wish he could have stayed with us longer.

leonard: I think his new home up there is much, much better than earth. *grin*

ehon: It certainly was short... an angel? My kitty angel? Yes, he certainly was angelic in nature...

chen: s'kay... I'm over it now. Just the good memories left.

narrowband: I love all my pets. Be it one day or one week or one year or one lifetime. Each time, I tell myself I could never love another pet the same, but I still do!

Simple American said...

You did your best for him. Freddie was a better kitty for having you as his human. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: Thanks. I like to think that I'm a better human for having known Freddie.