Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mamma Mia!

I seem to be playing blogging tag with Giddy Tiger. You tag me, I tag you, then you tag me again and I tag you back... *grin* Her latest tag for me is for me to share with you eight facts about my mum. Instead, I will give you the eight roles my mum plays in my life...

1. The animal rescue patrol
Sure, all the pets are mine in name only. I may feed them (occasionally) and play with them, sometimes clean up their messes (not a whole lot!), but the true animal rescue patrol of our house is my mum. She loves animals, and can never find it in her heart to turn away that stray dog or cat. (But of course, the dirty rescue work is done by me lah. I have rescued kittens stuck in drain pipes and roofs, hamsters from toilets and under cabinets and puppies that run out onto the road.) She's the one who loves them like they're children, sometimes even better than she loves me!

2. The disciplinarian
Mum's the one who wields the cane in my family. She's the disciplinarian, and boy, she can be fierce when she wants to! When I was younger, a stern calling of my given name was enough to make me stop in my tracks immediately and do whatever it is I was supposed to do... She was very strict with me, and I'm thankful for that today, because if not, I'd be a screaming naughty brat who grew up to become a wayward sullen teenager who eventually turned into a good-for-nothing adult. But that didn't happen. Yay!

3. The technophobe
Anything electronic represents a hurdle for her. Telephone, camera, ATM machine, parking ticket machine... I keep on telling her it's all in her mind. But still, I will have to be the one to guide her on how to use the various machines (like her new mobile phone) and let her practise (with me around) over and over and over again until she's familiar with them. I'm trying to get her acclimatized to email now!

4. The cook
Can you believe this... before she got married, my mum didn't know how to cook much. But after marriage, thru a lot of trial and error, she became a whiz in the kitchen. I always say mum's cooking is the best. Her spaghetti bolognese is to die for! So's her dry chicken curry and lemak curry. Mmmm... I'm hungry now.

5. The warrior
Like I mentioned above... she's fierce! When she wants to be la. And very, very principled. So if she thinks something is not being done right or needs to be corrected, she will not hesitate to go and fight for that to be done. Small in size (smaller than me), but big in heart!

6. The guardian
As her only daughter, Mum is very protective of me. She's literally my guardian angel and guard dog all rolled into one. From young, she was always watching my step, making sure I didn't fall or get hurt. Till today, she still does the same. Calling me to make sure I'm safe, reached my destination, etc. And she'll wait up for me at night as well as wait for me to come home for dinner.

7. The maid
Hahaha... Mum always complains that she feels like the maid at home, because she's always picking up after me. I shy lah. But it's true. Eh. *bashful grin*

8. The gardener
We live in the greenest house in two rows. Why? Because of mum's green thumbs. She has an uncanny knack for gardening as long as its greenery and the occasional flowering plant. (Unlike her daughter who kills plants by simply watering them. LOL!) However, cacti and flowers aren't her forte but they still survive in our garden.

I'd like to pass this tag on to some unusual candidates to talk about their mummies... but at completely no compulsion to do it, k? Because I know they're going to have a hard time doing it. LOL!

Ah Boy
Baby Elizabeth
Ethan Boy

p.s. GT, I know you're looking for a pix of mummy and me, but hor, she went and packed away all the old albums out of my reach! So no pix... for now. Sorry ya!

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angel said...

chup for mama...

zewt said...

no tag for me so i.... chup!

may said...

heheh... similarity with my mom for #3! but at least she can text us now on her mobile...

may said...

oh, and she can email too! wakakaka!

Chen said...

faint kaw kaw..
u tagged ah boy? LOLOLOL

Chen said...

i wanna eat your mummy's signature dishes - spaghetti bolognese, dry chicken curry and lemak curry :D

Ah Boy said...

Ah Boy submitted homework liao. Ah Boy good boy or not? Woof

Simple American said...

I love how you organized this post. Your mom sounds super.

No pictures? Just pull out the boxes and find some. You know she will put em back for you. :P (just kidding)

Anonymous said...

good morning jiejie

Giddy Tiger said...

Thanks for being a sport and completing this tag! Now I know a whole lot more about your mom...

And accckkk!! I can't believe you tagged Ethan...that means he has to write about his mom, that means he has to write about ME???!!!!

rinnah said...

angel: 5 hugs for your first place chup!!!

zewt: 3 no tag hugs for you!!

I did think of tagging you... just for the fun of it. Heh.

may: 1 similarity hug for you!

Hehehe... my mum can text me now, but I had to show her how and constantly keep on teaching her before she was comfortable doing it on a daily basis! Still haven't been able to get her used to a computer yet. *grin*

chen: Hahaha... no compulsion... that's why I didn't leave the obligatory you're tagged message for him. LOL!

Come to KL lah... I will ask her to cook spaghetti bolognese for you. :o)

ah boy: Wah... so fast! Ah Boy is such a good boy! *sayangz and pat pat*

simple american: Hehe. Thanks! I'm sure your missus is equally, if not more super! Should get your kids to do a guest post on her for your blog. *grin*

Ahahaha... that she would do... but not before I get my ear burned with a loooooong lecture on why I shouldn't have done it! LOL!

misha: Hello, Misha darling! Did you go kai kai over the weekend?

giddy tiger: Hehehe... I wonder what Ethan boy would have to say about this post? LOLOLOL!

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