Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Fab!!!

The Genie King came flying by to drop off this funky award which originated from Ann and Christy... it's specifically for those who are fun, cool and totally fabulous! And that's so me, right? Hehehe. *perasan*

~This award was designed by Mike Wheeler of Ordinary Folk. If you would like to have a cool blog badge, award, or special profile picture created then contact the artist for his rates. ~

I'm going to give this award to all of you fabulous peeps for reading my blog and well... being so fabulous! So come and get your award!

Ah Boy
Giddy Tiger
Paris Beaverbanks
Pink Elle
Simple American

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angel said...

Woot! Fabulous Chup!

Fabulous Friday to you! ;)

may said...

totally fabulous chup TWO, thank you very much! happy friday!

mistipurple said...

chup ah chup ah!!!!!!
like chupping ppp hor? hahahaha

mistipurple said...

thankew for award. i open my cupboard of tags and put this one first floor. means faster will get to it wan. the rest got to use ladder climb. i think many stories high already in there.

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhoooo .. another award for me!!!

thank you thank you!

rinnah said...

angel: 5 hugs for your fabulous chup!!!

It's a jolly Friday alright!

may: 3 hugs for your totally fabulous chup!!

And you have a holiday this weekend, right? Double wheeeeee!

mistipurple: 1 chup ah for you!

Yaloh, very kancheong when have to chup the PPP opps. LOL!

Got apartment building in your tag closet ah? *grin*

misha: Yahoo, misha pie!

You're so totally fab, darlin'!

narrowband said...

zomg it's Friday!!!!!! YATTAAA

Thanks for the fabification :p


ehon said...

WOWEEEEE~ :D I'm fab! I'm fat! :D

L B said...

I'm too sexy for my shoes, too sexy for my heels..
too sexy for my bites..
I'm too sexy for my ....

Thank You!!!

Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Great Post, and congrats on your award!You are Totally Fabulous!

A Nice Place In The Sun

Wennnn said...

Thank U for the lovely award.... heheheh muaks.. big big hugss

Leonard said...

thank you for the award!! you're fab too!!

i owned you too many tags already! pai seh! :(

rinnah said...

narrowband: Yippee for Fridays!

Ahahaha... you're most welcome to be fabified...

ehon: You're fat? Where? *tries to poke ehon's fats*

l b: Yay, Mr. Sexay is in da house! Woot!

ann: Hi Ann, thanks for making such a wonderful award!

wennnn: Big big huggies for you! Miss you! You haven't been posting much!

leonard: Ahahaha... no need to paiseh one... I give out my awards (and tags) to those I feel are suited for the tag. You can always tag me back when you get a tag I haven't done yet. *grin*

Wennnn said...

Me very tired lately.. Just have been blog hopping but sometimes din leave comment also...

Chen said...

thanks for the award..

p/s: it's good to be back home ;)

rinnah said...

wennnn: Aiyo, so poor thing ah? Come, I gip you massage...

chen: You're welcome! *hugs*

*pokes (and kicks!) back*

a^ben said...


thanks rinnah !! :D

Pink Elle said...

Wah, Thanks Rinnah! :)

zewt said...

hey there... thanks.... i am sure all of us in the blogosphere are fabulous ppl!

rinnah said...

a^ben: You're welcome, you fabulous guy you!!!

pink elle: You're welcome! *hugs*

zewt: You're welcome! You're one super fab blogger, you know that?

Simple American said...

Thank you Rinnah. So sweet of you to think of me. :)

rinnah said...

simple american: You're welcome! *big bear hugs for the Master*

Anonymous said...

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