Saturday, September 22, 2007

Morning (not really awake) post

*yawn* Is it time to wake up? Nah, I feel like sleeping in today. But there's a fabulous opp out for the taking. Shall I get up? I think I shall. USD here I come!

*stretch* *sits down in front of the laptop* *tip tap tip tap*

Voila! New post. *grin*

Now what shall I do next? Breakfast!

p.s. I think it was Mid Autumn festival last night, so Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all! Wanna check out some mooncakes with me?

8 spins:

L B said...

as it last night? Can I go open up one of my mooncakes then today?

angel said...

It's next Tuesday, babeh! :P

Chen said...

rinnah mabuk liao
it's next tuesday lah
Kkkkkkk :P

may said...

mmm, that reminds me, I need to get some for a dinner next Tuesday!

narrowband said...

Lol... betul betul not awake ;p

rinnah said...

l b: 5 eager hugs for you!!!

Ahahaha... as pointed out by the others below... it's tomorrow, Tuesday. I didn't check my calendar when posting. LOL!

angel: 3 Tuesday hugs for you!!

And so it is! *blush*

chen: 1 mabuk hug for you!

Aiyo... so paiseh leh... *blush*

may: And did you manage to get it over the weekend?

narrowband: Ahahaha... I already put the disclaimer in my post title, right?

Giddy Tiger said...

I'm not even awake yet :P

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: LOL! It's soon time for beddy bye now...