Thursday, September 13, 2007

Suck it up!

Just this morning, my mother was commenting that I hadn't sent my car for a wash recently and if they would vacuum my car when they did so. Yes, I don't wash my own car, preferring instead to let others do it for me. *grin* (Of course I pay them for it la!) But I do like to keep the interior neat by occasionally wiping down the interiors and shaking out the floor carpets say, once every two weeks. I do know that it needs a good and thorough vacuuming though, and I wonder if I should get a dedicated car vacuum? Could use it on my dad's car too. Hmm. Food for thought and a KIV for the shopping list!

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may said...

suck it up... *SSSLLLLUUURRRPPPP*!!

gosh, that sounded notti... LOL! I try to vacuum my car (back when I was home) as often as I could too. hate those bits on the carpet...

Giddy Tiger said...

The car vacuum I have is not as powerful as I would like it to be. Maybe this site has better ones! Heh heh...
by the way, how would YOU like to clean the interiors of my VIOS...not the color you want, but it's black, how?

Leonard said...

i also lazy liao, always go car wash!!

vaccumm ah, buy branded and expensive one, i bought 1 cheapo, used twice spoilt then buy another same, spoilt again!

mistipurple said...

clean clean feeling very good. i am such a rat pack.

rinnah said...

may: 5 sucking up hugs for you!!!

*grin* Notti you! I nearly bought a car vacuum today... but put it back in the end.

giddy tiger: 3 powerful hugs for you!!

At least you have a car vacuum! I don't have one... LOL! *whistles innocently and pretends not to hear the last part*

leonard: 1 lazy hug for you!

Car wash is so much easier mah... Hehe... I nearly bought a Black & Decker car vacuum today... but didn't in the end. Maybe I should have, hor?

mistipurple: I'm a pack rat too! My mum's forever nagging me to throw away some stuff or buy less things. Heh.