Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The story of Freddie's rescue

Since Freedom aka Freddie made his noisy appearance into our home on Saturday night, life has not been the same! He is such a vocal kitty that he makes his hunger and dislikes very well heard indeed. The moment I step into the house I can hear his plaintive mew to be let out of his box. But because he's so wee and tiny he can't be let loose to roam the house.

Freddie's story began some time back with a preggers mother cat whom we've been feeding out of the kindness of our heart. Now mother cat here gives birth about two weeks back somewhere else, so we don't know how many kittens she's had. Then all of a sudden, last Wednesday, we can hear a kitten mewing somewhere up on our roof! It seems that mother cat has decided to stow her kitty in an unreachable place under the roof but above the ceiling. *rolls eyes* All Wednesday and Thursday long, we can hear the kitten. Poor kitty was abandoned by its mother, who was spotted merrily strolling up and down the street without a care in the world.

Thinking that perhaps the kitten was in the attic, I volunteered to go up on Thursday night. Climbed the ladder and looked around, but no kitten, even though we could hear the plaintive mews clearly. Then we thought maybe the kitten was in the neighbor's attic. We informed the neighbor on Friday night and he too went up, but still no kitten. (Plus we even made an emergency trip that night itself to the Jusco nearby to purchase a feeding bottle and kitty milk!) We finally figured out that the kitten had been dumped into the small space in between our houses and inaccessible unless we could fly up the roof. A plan was hatched to call the bomba bright and early on Saturday morning to rescue it. But eventually my neighbor said he'd get his friend - a contractor - to go up and get the kitten tomorrow.

Saturday night we came home to find Freddie safe and sound in a flowerpot in the neighbor's home. Why a flowerpot? Because he was so small he escaped the kitty cage we had provided (legacy from the previous kittens we had). Freddie was no bigger than a hamster! (He's a wee bit bigger now.) Immediately we attempted to feed him using the feeding bottle and kitty milk, but Freddie was having none of that. He protested by wailing his wee lungs out and struggling feebly in our hands. Attempts to put the rubber teat in his mouth was rebuffed... He wouldn't sleep that night either, and mewed the night away... ... ...

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angel said...

Poor Freddie... baaad mommy... but lucky Freddie to have met rinnah's family! ;) Meowwww!

Chen said...

Poor Freddie
Sayangz Freddie
Pat pat Freddie's head


zewt said...

flower pot... get him a proper home lor... i am sure he is worth it.

i have always wanted a pet... but my home environment never allow one...

Simple American said...

Freddie is lucky to have a noble Padawan to rescue him/her. Well done.

Really gotta wonder about that momma cat.

ehon said...

ai cham. ah chen turns into cat liao! lol!

liucas said...

cat shit very smelly one wor.. wanna adopt me?

Giddy Tiger said...

What a true animal rescue story! Can be shown on Animal Planet's Miami Animal Police or something, except perhaps it is PJ's Animal Police!
I didn't know they had things like kitty milk... :P

may said...

this reminds me of how cats used to give birth to her kittens at our outdoor flowerbed, where it's in a little enclosed area (dunno how to describe properly). I think the cats feel that the plants would give some sort of shade to the kittens as well as easy to reach in times of emergency maybe? heh! glad Freddie is safe and sound now.

rinnah said...

angel: 5 lucky kitty hugs for you!!!

Yes, Freddie's one lucky kitty to be rescued or else he'd be... *jeng jeng jeng*

chen: 3 sayang hugs for you!!

Freddie meowwwwwwwws back right at ya!

You sayang Freddie liddat Ah Boy got jeles or not? o.0

zewt: 1 proper home hug for you!

Haha... the neighbor put him in the flower pot la... we put him in a kitty cage. But for now he's living in a box in the cage, because he's so small he can slip thru the bars and escape!

Maybe one day when you have your own home you can consider a pet? Or for your kids next time...

simple american: Ahhh... I felt him thru the Force and that's how we persisted in rescuing him. That and the non-stop mewing.

Hah... that mother cat is still asking us to feed her, but we've stopped now since she attempted to commit kitty-cide!

ehon: Cat no good meh? LOL!

liucas: You litter trained or not one? Freddie is litter trained... Anyway, I sked I not up to your high standards enough to adopt you. Kekekekekeke!

giddy tiger: Ahahaha... in the end the police nor fireman didn't save Freddie but rather a Phua Chu Kang-ish contractor type! LOL!

Oh yes, cats can't take normal milk... they're lactose intolerant or something like that.

may: You know it's funny how my house seems to attract cats despite the presence of Kelly in the front yard! All sorts of mother cats have been bringing their kittens for free food. And before Kelly's time, another mother cat actually gave birth in our garden.

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