Thursday, September 27, 2007

Midnight oil essays

One of the dreaded assignments for my fellow coursemates when I was in college would be the narrative essay. They were convinced that our professors could not (or would not!) stop giving us these assignments! They would spend hours and weekends and nights trying their darndest to churn out the required essays.

I’m sure they would have really liked the services of people who can provide them with professional custom written essays, term papers and research papers. As these fully unique content, they are plagarism free. Sadly, they are not available in Malaysia so many students turn to blatant plagarism.

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may said...

essay? what is that?...
*runs away before kena piak*

L B said...

How sad!! But better this way...

Wennnn said...

Never like essays.... Tat's why U see me no write much... heheheheh

Adrian said...


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Giddy Tiger said...

Don't all bloggers write great essays? :)

rinnah said...

may: 5 run away hugs for you!!!

Neh... essay lor... LOL!

l b: 3 better this way hugs for you!!

Yeap, M'sian students... always looking for the easy way out.

wennnn: 1 writing hug for you!

Now no more studying no need to write so much mah... LOL!

adrian: Thanks for the new award!

giddy tiger: Uh huh! That we do... that we do. Bloggers are writers!