Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When that crowning glory goes

You know how the saying goes that hair is your crowning glory? Whether you are male or female, it can be terribly disheartening to experience hair loss at any age and for any reason. I myself remember that at one point last year, due to a rash on my scalp, I was dropping hairs all over the place and worrying that that hair loss would continue and leave me with bald patches on my head. Thankfully, my worst fears did not happen.

But having such a thing happen is awfully traumatizing, especially when you're female. The image and self-esteem issues that come along with
Female Hair Loss are numerous. Plus the fact that women set great store by their hair and men do actually prefer babes with longer hair. LOL. (p.s. Did you know that women make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers?)

This blog -
The Women's Hair Loss Project - was specially set up to document one young woman's journey through life as she deals with hair loss and is all about hair. Or more accurately, all about the loss of hair in females. It's a place for sharing, and caring, and empathizing. If you know of a female (or even a male) who could benefit from reading this site, why not spread the news?

This post is brought to you by The Women's Hair Loss Project

4 spins:

angel said...

Tak nak lose hair...

zewt said...

i tot men only lose hair... women too?

giddy tiger said...

I know there was hair all over the house a few months after Ethan was born... thank goodness that is way past me now.

rinnah said...

angel: 5 tak nak hugs for you!!!

It must be every woman's wish to never lost hair...

zewt: 3 tot hugs for you!!

Haha... I guess women's hair loss is less noticable as men's.

giddy tiger: 1 eek hug for you!

Yeah, my friends also mentioned hair loss after birth. Sweeping the floor of all the hair is such a pain sometimes. *grin*