Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Look at some bits, bobs and floating boats

I don't know why but I can't view pictures on certain websites anymore from the office. I can still access these sites, just that I'm not allowed to view the pictures. Cheh! And the Internet connection these days is so wonky! It makes me refresh the page several times before I can see anything.

Went to Ikea on Sunday and after one hour of aimless wandering around the store commenting and exclaiming at this and that, I finally exited with... nothing. Yup, nothing. Major bummer, huh? But I am aiming for one or two things in the future... like an open cabinet for storing my books and knick knacks (the only thing is there isn't any space left in my room!), useful stuff like the shower curtain, some pictures... I still heart Ikea though!

I have, in various stages of completion, ten drafts of blogposts for my numerous and varied blogs. In case you didn't know already, I maintain five blogs that are regularly posted on (i.e. a minimum of once a week). If you should have lots of time on your hands and NBTD, do check it out, yeah? (Shameless plug. Heh.)

I finally took the plunge and registered with a webhost for
rinnah.com. *grin* Now crossing my fingers that it'll all work out smoothly, ya? And yes, I chose this very memorable date to start my webhosting... now to pick a more auspicious date for "hoi cheong" ceremony! Wheeeee!

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ehon said...

wahh! so many posts in a day!

go ikea buy ntg? i always buy something one. even when ntg to buy, i'll buy like a pot or something. hahahaahha.


may said...

HOORAY for rinnah.com!!
HOORAY for Ikea!!

zewt said...

going to rinnah.blogspot.com is the same as going to rinnah.com right?

giddy tiger said...

9/11 IS an auspicious date to sign up for web hosting... might you consider 11/9 for hoi-cheong then?

Chen said...

waiting for the opening ceremony..
end of the month? ;)

Simple American said...

Such a hard working blogger. :) I am behind on so many tags.

Looking forward to the launch of Rinnah.com. Woo hoo!

rinnah said...

ehon: 5 many many hugs for you!!!

I want more moolah so I post more posts la... all the more for you to chup mah. Hehe.

I wanted to buy... but... next time I go I shall buy. I must! Hahaha.

may: 3 HOORAY hugs for you!!

Both rinnah.com and Ikea rocks!

zewt: 1 same same hug for you!

No lah... different content mah... keeping blogspot more for paid posts.

giddy tiger: It was so not intentional. LOL! psst... Hoi cheong date is so near...

chen: If I can have my way... faster! Cannot wait until end of the month. LOL!

simple american: I must work hard to prove my worthiness as a blogging Jedi mah... otherwise how to take the tests?

Woot! Launching soon!