Thursday, December 27, 2007

How long are you going to live? and the year that was...

Wouldn't you like to find out? Visit this site and find out your virtual age and your estimated life expectancy.


Based on these results I got when I took the test, I am *seriously underage* with a virtual age of 9.7 years and am expected to live up to the ripe old age of 87.3 years. Uhm. So, does that mean that virtually I am but a kid?

Okay, so lemme cut to the chase. Each year, come year-end, I start thinking about what happened in the past year and whether or not did I achieve my goals set. This year I...

~ Finished my undergraduate degree course with the honours qualification I aimed for. Not bad at all, considering the fact that I did it part-time while working full time.

~ Found myself a church that I can see myself being happy in, after years of being a 'rolling stone'. One of my goals was to attend church faithfully each week and find a church I can call 'home'. I'm finding it easy to do so with this church so, mission accomplished.

~ Got meself a job that I can really be good at and love.

~ Set myself a target to earn a minimum of USD500 with my blog and while I'm not revealing the true figure, yes, I did exceed that amount with my PPP activities this year. Thank you for putting up with all my sponsored post nonsenses. *muack*

Didn't complete the full list of resolutions, but hey, I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far. Time to reset the bar for next year!

And to round it off, here are some of my favorite-st highlight posts from the past year:

~ Blogging about the Oscars. Waaaaay too much free time back then. Don't think I'll be able to do it again next year, but I had fun doing 'live' blogging on that day!

~ The grand opening of THHC at my humble little blog! I'm glad so many 'stars' graced the ceremony... Waaa....

~ The A - Z tag based upon the Imperial saga... some of my best spinning evah!

~ And Chapter 9 of The 48 Concubines (whatever did happen to the storyline? I wanna finish up the tale leh...) which was the fun-nest thing to write... yup, gotta work on my goal for 2008 - write my own novella!

~ One of my emotional posts... no, narrowband, this is not about M_ B_ _ _, but the one who preceeded. *grin*

~ Diagnosing myself with blogivitis... I think I'm still infected to this day!

~ Another spin story... this time the fairytale of Cinderinnah! (And that is not a typo. Hahaha.)

~ Got my own domain. Now I really should make better use of it, ya?

~ Pictures galore from my trip to Putrajaya for the Flora Fest. One of the rare occasions that you see tons of pictures on my blog.

~ The few posts on Freddie's short stay with us. His arrival and departure, his life story told here.

~ My Nokia loyalty... another tag I enjoyed doing.

~ My first deep thinking post... I don't do too many of these. Heh.

~ The happy memories this post brings back. I want more days like this!

~ Surprises keep me happy too. Lawl.

~ Another thinking post about why I blog... like I said earlier, I don't do many of these posts.

~ Doing some good deeds with my blog and saving the world. Heh.

~ My dad's hospitalization this month. 'Twas an ordeal in spots, but we got thru it.

~ Review of the MRSC concert. My first review evah! Hehe. I still need to upload the mp3s though.

~ Christmas Day post. It's pretty meaningful for me.

Righto... I have something to ask my blog-ders (blog + readers) for the new year, but I'll do that in the next post! (Gotta do something to keep you coming back, rite? *grin*)

10 spins:

L B said...

You had a great year! Less -chi, & more +chi! Wondered too about the Tale of the Concubines.. Hmm.. well, you got a lot of years yet to find out. All 77.6 years to go.

Yeah, I look forward to Year Ends too, because then I get a chance to review The Year That Was.. A Best Of.. which is already underway as I type! Watch out for it, ok?

adrian said...

Wow. u really did have a great year huh? Hope next year will be even better.

angel said...

Wahhh... u did a 'narrowband'... well, almost a narrowband heheeh...

mistipurple said...

i'll always come back. i am addicted to you mah. *blush*

may said...

lots of happenings in your 2007, and many good ones too... hooray! hope you have more to look forward to in 2008.

Tine said...

Cheers for such a good year, and here's to a better one in 2008! :)

giddy tigress said...

I get to live till 91.8!
I really should get going on a similar retrospective post for year end huh?

narrowband said...

Wait a minute.. No wonder I was sneezing non stop since this morning. Someone mentioned in here that you 'did' (a) me. ROTFL~~~~!!

Well hey, on Y_ _ _ B_ _ _, you really do have many B_ _ _es hor! :p You can actually write about them in a chronological fashion (+ pics prefererd :p).

A nice round-up of the year... Here's to a more productive year ahead! *YaaaAaaammmmm - YamiYamiYamiYAmi - YaAaAaAM Seng~*

Doreen said...

Wow, you've done a great deal this year! *pat on Rinnah's back* You should really be proud of yourself.

As for the life expectancy, I would leave mine as unknown for now. Hehehehe

rinnah said...

l b: Ahahaha... it seems that way, isn't it? That's because I didn't put the -ve chi posts into my round-up. I wanna see your Best Of post! Please put the Le Bond poster there...

adrian: And I hope your year will be great too!

angel: Hehehe... I 'garfielded' the idea from narrowband. With some modifications lor.

mistipurple: Awww... I am feeling *kembang* now that you're addicted to my spin... *grins*

may: A busy 2007 and I foresee a busier 2008!

tine: Cheers to 2007 and cheers again to an exciting 2008! Keep in touch via our blogs, ya?

giddy tigress: Woot! How come you're longer-lived than me? What's the secret? Do tell... I look forward to your retrospective post!

narrowband: Wahahaha... I 'did' (a) you? ROTFLMAO. Wait... one day when I feel like it I shall do a post on my B_ _ _ _. No pics! I don't have many pics anyway. Lawl. *yaaaaaaaammm seng!*

doreen: I only realised that I'd been so productive in my blogging when I did this round-up post! Ah well, these life expectancy thingies aren't all that accurate anyway. Hehe.