Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One tag to end 'em all...


I was tagged by this lovely momma and it seems like a good tag to end the year with (I've finished my pending tags list and provided no one else decides to tag me between now and 31st December 2007. Lawl.).

Color: I think I answered this in my last tag, but I'll answer it again anyway. I'm currently in love with baby blue, although baby pink runs a close second.

Food: Junk food. Must eat healthier nowadays, so I'll go with sushi. Yum!

Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've grown to like it even though Peter Jackson didn't follow the book exactly to a T but I guess he did what he had to do to keep it more 'acceptable' (i.e. fast moving) to the masses.

Sport: Pro-wrestling! *giggles* Football aka soccer. I have been a ManUtd fan since 1990 (so no wisecracks about me being a Beckham groupie - Giggs is still my idol!). Anyone wanna pick a fight? *grin*

Day: Tomorrow. Because you never know what you're gonna get (I'm paraphrasing Forrest Gump a little here). Oh, you meant day of the week? Okay. Saturday then. Because Saturday's the start of the weekend.

Season: Malaysia has four seasons too - Sunny, Rainy, Hazy and, uhm, Cloudy? I wish we could have a temperate climate that's not too hot nor too cold. *after much thought* Sunny la.

Ice-cream: Cookies 'n' Cream rock my socks! Ahahaha.

Best Friend: I think that would be Clement in Standard One. Until the other boys teased him mercilessly for hanging out with a girl and he ditched me. Yeah, I got dumped at age seven! Wuahahaha.

Crush: Hmm, that was also in Standard One. All of us girls thought that Alex was the cutest guy in class. Yes, I started looking at eye-candy at a young age.

Movie: Wah, how to remember this one? I'll give a variation of my answer to this one - my first movie in movie theater. That would be Disney's Beauty and the Beast and I drank too much soda and had to go to the little girl's room midway thru at the most exciting point when Belle was being chased by the wolves. *grin*

Music: Probably the nursery rhymes that my Mum sang to me. But again, lemme do a variation - first male and female artiste. Johnny Mathis and Whitney Houston. Still favorites to this day.

Drink: Water. Aqua. H20. Very boring and healthy loh.

Car ride: To the LRT station for work and back again.

Crush: *ahem!* I dunwanna answer this question, can? Oh, but it says last crush and not current crush. Okay, last crush was errr... Elijah Wood?

Phonecall: Mum. Asking when I'm coming home.

CD played: My own Christian compilation of songs in the car coming home.

Gone out with good friends: A few weeks back, when we went to check out The Banquet in Bangsar Village II. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to blog about the food there. Now where are those pics?

Broken a law: Hello? I is law-abiding citizen, you know... Okay, I ignored the one way direction sign (I only saw it after I turned) in a shopping mall carpark to get a space. (No, I did not steal that space from anyone. LOL!)

Been arrested: Hello? Refer to my answer above. I have never even been stopped by cops, k?

Who wants to do this year-end closing tag? Any takers? Anybody? No? Okay, I'll give you guys a break... until next year! *cue sniggering laughter*

11 spins:

L B said...

How can? You have no more pending TAGS for this year? Cannot be!!! I still have a gadzillion to finish up, (which I don't intend to, btw)... LOL... Hmm... Ok, I think you're very safe from me, until next year anyway, but you'll never know, yeah? You ManU junkie, you.. Watching the game later on?

mistipurple said...

chup first.
i forgot what is M_B_ _ _ hahaha. must go and check your earlier posts. hohohoho..

Wennnn said...

Chup sin too like Misti... Ahhh U like BB blue.... I like too.... Hehehheeh

zewt said...

will be sad to see the devils kill off keano's sunderland later.

angel said...

U very rajin do tags neh...

So... where's Clement & Alex now? *grinsssss*

Happy Belated Boxing Day! Show us your pressies! Hehe...

may said...

I'm trying to remember, did she tag me on this too? LOL! ok I won't check, just in case she did... can do later mah, hor?

my last car ride was probably in a taxi, how bad is that? and cabbie drivers here are so rude and such road hogs! ugh...

Doreen said...

Wah~~all clear, total clean desk huh! Emmm...may be I should pass some tags to you. Muahahaha, just kidding lah. I don't think I can remember any of the "First". Sigh! I'm too old!

narrowband said...

Yalah! Sure at least got one season in Malaysia is hazy one! Surely! Grrr.

I love Cookies and Cream too :D:D Everywhere I go I dig that flavor :p

Eh, ignoring the directions in shopping mall carparks doesn't count as flouting the law :p I do that all the time LOL! Sometimes u just need to get *There* quickly before another car comes and take the bay.. hehehe.......

giddy tigress said...

You were already in co-ed school from Standard One??!!!

rinnah said...

l b: Because I don't procrastinate on doing my tags? Lawl. Nice scoreline for the game, hor? *grin*

mistipurple: Hohoho... but you found out eventually, right?

wennnn: BB blue is so sweet, but not sweeter than BB pink...

zewt: Kill was the right word to use...

angel: Yaloh... I lup tags! Hahaha. Hmm, I think if I met Clement and Alex on the street now I wouldn't be able to recognize 'em!

may: Hahaha... sure thing, do later. Teeheehee! Are the cabbies as bad as those in KL?

doreen: Clean slate for new year! *giggle* No la. You're not old, just mature! *grin*

narrowband: This year the haze wasn't too bad... ah, a fellow cookies n cream lover! Wanna go Haagen Dazs? Lawl. Erm, I don't do that in carparks at all... just that one time. Hehe.

giddy tigress: Uh huh... co-ed school all the way...

Anonymous said...

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