Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I hate KL traffic!


The cops were crazy in KL today. Yup, you read that right. The cops. The guys in blue, black and white and neon yellow vests. Who ride in Wajas or on bikes. Who are supposed to be anti-rasuah.

Does anyone know anything about a protest / rally / march / whatever planned for today? Because it certainly seemed like something was in the air today. Early in the morning on the way to work, I encountered a police roadblock on a busy highway, no less. Then I got in to office (barely on time) to chat with my friend in another office who told me that traffic was madness from PJ to KL. Then I heard from my mum that she got stuck in a traffic jam going to PJ in the morning. Leaving office today, I got stuck in a 2 hour jam going home because traffic was at a standstill in the heart of the city. Bah.

And that brings me to
a list that Chen asked me to make. I have to list out the ten things I hate the most and today, traffic jams take the cake!

1. KL city traffic jams, especially when it rains
2. Rude, inconsiderate drivers who weave in and out and steal parking spaces
3. Smokers in a non-smoking area
4. Stewpig erratic Screamyx connection in my housing area
5. End of the month bills that drain my bank account
6. People who think they know it all and are arrogant about it
7. Animal haters
8. Getting caught in the rain
9. People who sing off-key and loudly too
10. Caramel

Okay, so I was running out of things to list. Lawl. I'm not going to tag anyone on this because it's pretty long overdue and I think this tag has already made its rounds a-visiting to your blogs.

17 spins:

angel said...

Heh... I thot holiday in Selangor would make all the Selangor ppl go KL.. :D

U hate caramel ah?

giddy tigress said...

I can't stand caramel too! What a coincidence!
yeah, me hates traffic jams as well... it does help to have soothing music in the car though....haha, but sometimes I just put on a really cool dance track instead!

kyh said...

caramel is yummy... :P

wah i hate most of ur hatreds too!

and the rally is organized by Hindraf again?

L B said...

Garfield? Lol!!

Traffic jams are bad enough, but road rage during traffic jams are worse! Especially that idiot who thinks he has the right of way all the time. And those idiots who use the emergency lane? The blood boils. Then, when they're involved in some fatal accident, we are obliged to feel sorry for them! I say Off with their Goolies..

zewt said...

geee... why la u hate caramel?

oh... new company in town... grabmyads...

mistipurple said...

i don't like caramel too. too sweet. but i don't mind them on pretzels. double standard ya. heh.

Adino said...

I hate #1, # 2 and #3 too!

Doreen said...

You hate caramel ar? Too sweet? Very yum leh, but too much also I sick of it lah.

narrowband said...

How could you hate caramel? Omg they're heavenly!!

mudpie said...

no like caramel???? aiyaiyai

may said...

*as shocked as mudpie*

you no like caramel?!

p.s. hope your dad's ok...

rinnah said...

angel: Ya... all the Selangor people jammed up KL. Lawl.

giddy tigress: Finally! Someone who shares my dislike of caramel! Good music really helps in a jam. :o)

kyh: I read in today's paper it had to do with the Bersih people trying to submit a memorandum to Parliament, not Hindraf.

l b: Hahaha... I didn't Garfield in the end. I forgot about those idiots that use the emergency lane! Lawl.

zewt: I dunno la. Just don't like the taste of it. I'll spit out anything that has caramel in it. Hehehe... you've noticed the ads?

mistipurple: Hehehe... I can't stand anything caramel at all!

adino: Only #1, #2 and 3#? Lawl.

doreen: What's with everyone's fixation on my caramel dislike? Hahaha. Yeah, it's too sickly sweet for my liking.

narrowband: Hahaha... heavenly is so not the word I'd use to describe caramel.

mudpie: Aiyayai! Caramel is a no go in my taste book...

may: Hahaha... there goes the caramel frappacino out the window for me! Heh, thanks. Dad's doing much better now.

Chen said...

we have similar "hates"
and i dislike caramel too :P
*hi 5*

rinnah said...

chen: I would think these are common hates, except for the caramel one! Lawl. Dunno why people like caramel so much. Hahaha. *hi 5's chen back*

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