Saturday, December 08, 2007

A bloody affair

It's out! My upper left wisdom tooth is officially no more existing in my mouth. Gee. *feels gaping hole in gum experimentally with tongue*

It was relatively fast - jab in the anesthesia, wait a few moments, grip the tooth with pliers, twist twist twist and yank - ta-dah! and the tooth's out. It was over within ten minutes. Kinda like 'Wham bam thank you ma'am'. The only scary part was watching the huge needle at the beginning before my mouth went numb and when the dentist swopped the smaller pliers for a bigger pair halfway through!

And it didn't help matters in my brain that I kept on thinking about horror stories of olden day torture methods where teeth were extracted without anesthesia by sadistic torture chamber masters. Of all the things to think of while the dentist poked and pried and twisted and yanked to get that stubborn tooth out of my mouth. Tsk!

The dentist said the bleeding should stop after an hour or so, but I still had bloody gauze wadded up in my mouth up to three hours later. But I'd already expected that, since I knew from experience that my blood tends to clot a bit slower than others - e.g. cut / blister / scrape. Amazingly, there was no pain throughout the whole extraction process and even later on (might be due to the Ponstan I popped) plus I was happily chowing down on kaya toast like two hours later! Lawl.

I wanted to put up a pic of my bloody tooth, but decided against it not for privacy reasons, but to protect the faint-hearted who might be reading my blog. Hehehe.

My thanks to
Eastcoastlife for her kind concern on Facebook yesterday. ^.^

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kyh said...


mistipurple said...

my colleague had his taken out today. four roots wor. pengsan. dentist's arm also pain. yours how many roots? seems that two is usual, three sometimes and four, woah! somemore more root crooked no wonder hard to come out. he is suffering now.

kyh said...

hopefully my wisdom teeth dont give me pain lah. stay longer, oso wiser ma. :P

L B said...

How refreshing! No pain, all gain, for once!

L B said...

btw, welcome to The Less Wise Club™!!

Doreen said...

Yay! What a mildstone! How many more left in your mouth? or is this the last one?

narrowband said...

LOL @ "Less-wise club" ... HahahahA~~~ Farnie :p

Waitaminute, you *Actually* took photos of your bloody tooth!?!?? :P :P Already had plans (albeit initial) to blog it huh? HAhaha... true blogger man ;p

may said...

I don't think I have the stomach for extracting any of my wisdom teeth. they're not bothering me now, and I certainly don't want my gums to bleed for 3 hours! *pengsan*

glad yours was a no-hassle episode!

zewt said...

no pain thereafter? wow... either you have a very good dentist... or he conned u into extracting a good teeth... or God is shinning upon you.

rinnah said...

kyh: And here you are chupping again! Wheeeeee!

mistipurple: Wah-lau! Four roots. *pengsan* Luckily mine only had two but one root was a bit curved so the dentist had to twist and twist to pull it out. Poor colleague of yours!

kyh: Yeah, for your sake I hope so too!

l b: Yeap, I'm very lucky to have no pain! Hehe. Less Wise Club? Lawls.

doreen: There are three more to go, but those aren't fully grown yet. Hehehe.

narrowband: Uh huh. I have pictures of my bloody tooth. Lawl. What to do... blogivitis mah. *grin*

may: Heh, bleeding for 3 hours isn't the norm. It's unusual. LOL! But if they're not bothering you, don't do anything to 'em!

zewt: I think it's a combination of an extremely good dentist (want a recommendation?) and God's mercy - cos' I was praying very hard all throughout!

angel said...

Kaya toast?? Should eat sashimi!! :D said...

Good to hear that your wisdom tooth was out.. Easy and no pain right.. I still got one more wisdom tooth that need to be extra out next year !!

giddy tigress said...

eeek...I am glad you got that over and done with.

rinnah said...

angel: Hahaha... I didn't think of that at the time!

keeyit: Great, huh? I hope you have the same easy time I did when your turn comes next year!

giddy tigress: One down, three more to go in the coming years!