Monday, December 31, 2007

Hear the finalists of MRSC 2007!

Thanks to the recommendations of Little Miss May and the Giddy Tigress, here are the uploaded mp3 recordings from the MRSC concert (click here for pics) I attended earlier this month.

Disclaimer: I have to say first that they aren't superb recordings - some are better than the others, there's a lot of noise interference and I was only using a simple (read: cheap!) mp3 recording device.

If you really need me to pick my favorites, listen to You, Wo Yau Chang (I Want To Sing), The Way Of Life and Where Is The Love. *grin*

Four Walls by Jane

Don't Ever Say by Lawrence

The Way Of Life by Lawrence

Perpisahan by Hendra

What If by Sam

Air I Breathe by Sam

Wo Yau Chang (I Want To Sing) by Vincent

You by Allan

Where Is The Love by Anson

And... as a bonus, here is the intermission performance by Vince of Akademi Fantasia fame!

Breathe Again by Vince

Hope I'll be at MRSC 2008!

Addendum: Rinnah would like to wish all her blog readers and visitors, a very Happy New Year 2008! Thank you for all your visits and love for the past one year. There'll be some changes for 2008 so stay tuned!

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eastcoastlife said...

Whee! Whee! I'm first!?

Wishing you a new year.....
lit up with good times, bursting with fun and sparkling with a whole lot of joy!

angeles said...

Woot! I see bigger font! And purple ones too! *grins*

Here's to a happier year! ;-)

L B said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, rinnah. All the best for the groovy new changes too in 2008!! Gonna go listen now, ok?

ps: I don't see any font size changes, unlike angeles?... How come? *rubs eyes at 7am*

L B said...

I have to say.. *puts on faux Simon voice*... I couldn't bear to go on after listening to two tracks!! Thanks, anyway..

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you jiejie rinnah!

lots of love and huggies from me ..

Tine said...

Hurrah for the font size and colour changes!! :D

giddy tigress said...

So many people hogging your blog! I thought I would be able to chup for the new year!

Happy New Year anyway! :D

giddy tigress said...

Is that you screaming in the background?

may said...

I do see the purple and bigger fonts, whee! great that you got all the tunes up and running. too cool!

HAPPY 2008, my dear!

rinnah said...

everyone: Happy New Year 2008!

Doreen said...

Happy new year to you Rinnah! Have a great year!

Wennnn said...

happy new year to U dear!!

mistipurple said...

Happy New Year, Rinnah!
wish you happy happy everyday in 2008 and always!

Winn said...

ohhhh so many songs! and a new domain too huh? happy new year to you rinnah

L B said...

Happy Happy!!! *pours champagne*

Chev said...

Happy Happy Happy New Year 2008, Rinnah
Cheers with Ribena ;)
Rinnah and Ribena,
rhymes, huh?


narrowband said...

Some changes? Hmm... A change would be refreshing:D I'll continue to be your blog's loyal follower :p Happy new year to you and your family!

Northern Cyprus said...

I also like Where is the Love by Hanson. By the way, I wonder if they still have album.