Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Christmas Wishlist 2007

Short note: Idea copy-cat 'garfielded' from nadnut's post here and in parody of my post on expensive wishes here.

All rinnah wants for Christmas is...

1. M_ B_ _ _
2. For dad to get better quick
3. All the love in the world
4. To lose ten pounds by New Year's Day
5. Be a part of church life again
6. Snow?
7. A long holiday
8. Bonus
9. A pair of Aldo / Nine West / Guess super kao high heels
10. A DSLR camera
11. Increment
12. Something sparkly in a Tiffany blue box
13. A smaller butt
Kenny Sia's blog popularity
LB's creativity
16. Better photography skills
17. The entire Heroes season 1 & 2 DVD set
18. Novels by Stephanie Laurens or Mary Balogh
19. An
20. Traffic-free days
21. Limitless credit card for shopping sprees
22. A bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and walk-in closet
23. For my little car to be brand new again
24. Plasma TV
25. A proper storage closet for my numerous pairs of shoes
26. To take my MBA
27. A night out at the movies
28. To attack Haagen Dazs ice-cream buffet
29. Not gain anymore weight
30. Good hair days, all the time

Now, do you think Santa still has time to fulfill my wishlist? *grin*

13 spins:

mistipurple said...

*fax to santa*
*telegram to santa*
*reindeer ride to santa*
GET RINNAH'S WISHES ANSWERED SANTA!!! including the M_B_ _ _?!! hahah.

wish your daddy get well fast. :)

L B said...

It can't be My Balls???! Surely not...

L B said...

Ooooo, a Tiffany Box no less!!!

L B said...

Ok, you want Your Boss?

zewt said...

LB is creative but kenny gets the limelight... :P

may said...

errr... Mr Bean? McBoob?

I wanted to take my MBA some time ago but then I got lazy... hmmm... should I in a couple of years?

hope some of your Christmas wishes come true!

Giddy Tigress said...

Okay, the first item on your list has me stumped too.
My Boob?

mistipurple said...

hahahahaa. the comments are getting hilarious over the M_B_ _ _

can become contest already!

kyh said...

wah must get santa to come here liao!

i want more holidays!!! :(

P/S: i apologize in advance for my absence in the upcoming days cos the internet connection at my place is damn sucky. always get disconnected or hardly get connected at all! so sorry... :)

everydayhealy said...

LOL! such a long lists! I think you really got to give Santa some time. hehe.....

I am glad that I finally got some time to blog hop! And, I got a tag for you, my dear!

Merry Christmas!

Doreen said...

wah~~very long wishlist leh. Santa, you surely need a miracle! Hehehe

narrowband said...

I don't think Santa will be too happy when seeing your list! You're so grreeeeeedy! "All the love in the world"?? Hahahaha.

You gotta start posting pics of
Y_ _ _ B_ _ _ lar! ;p

just read your previous entry.. Glad your Papa Rinnah is ok! :D

rinnah said...

mistipurple: Waaaaah! So many ways of sending my wishlist to Santa ah? Surely it must be answered! *grin*

l b: Not Balls la! I'll also settle for an iPhone box... No, I want YOUR BOSS! Kekekekeke!

zewt: Ah, but LB also has a dedicated band of followers... the Imperial Cast! LOL.

may: No! Not Mr Bean! *runs away screaming* Only some wishes allowed ah? Okay, in that case, Santa please answer #1 and #2 and I'll automatically have #3!

giddy tigress: How about YOUR BOOBS? Ahahahahaha... sot sot tei already...

mistipurple: But you didn't join the contest wor....

kyh: If Santa comes here I'll redirect him to you too so you can get your wishlist answered! S'kay... I know you're still reading me. *grin*

everydayhealy: Hehehe... very tamak, hor? Thanks for the tag, will do it soon! Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

doreen: *prays very hard for a miracle to happen*

narrowband: Ah, but you should see my explanation to May above... that's how I'll get #3. LOL. Y_ _ _ B_ _ _, what's that? Thanks. He's getting better everyday.