Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas ain't over yet!

Note to self: The surest way to get more tags is to either: a) do 'em really well so that everyone loves reading the way you answered it; b) do 'em so fast that people love tagging you because it's sure to get done; OR c) announce that you have no more tags to do... guess which one method I used? *grin*

We're now into the 4th day of Christmas and the Giddy Tigress is still spreading the Christmas cheer! And being my very giddy galpal, she couldn't help but to give me some cheer for my blog. So, specially for the giddy one, here's an extended Christmas tag!

1. Egg nog or hot chocolate? I would love to say egg nog and pretend that I'm celebrating Christmas ala foreign country style but my conscience won't let me so I choose hot chocolate lor. But seriously, hot chocolate ain't my drink. Gimme iced chocolate instead!

2. Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree? I seriously doubt that Santa does anything besides check and recheck his lists. I mean, the elves slave away at making the pressies, wrapping them and loading them in the sleigh. The reindeer have the tough job of hauling that heavy sleigh (just imagine, millions of pressies and one very overweight Santa - it's a wonder the sleigh can even take off!). Mrs Claus probably maps out the route for Santa. All he has to do is visit every house and consume milk and cookies. You say leh? *grin*

3. Colored or white lights? White is subtle, understated and classy. Kinda how the light reflected off the silver decorations in the picture below. (Taken during Christmas dinner at my church.)


4. Do you hang mistletoe? No. But I don't mind standing under the mistletoe with *ahem*.

5. When do you put your decorations up? Most years it will be up by the second week of Christmas. By the by, my car is perpetually decorated for Christmas because I have a Christmas beanie baby (a present from my goddaughter, who happens to be older than me. Lawl.) hung up all year round.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? I would like to say stuffed turkey, but I haven't eaten a really delish, drool-worthy gobbler candidate in Malaysia, so I'll take roast lamb. Yes, I know. Poor little lambie gave up his/her life to be my Christmas dinner. So cruel, isn't it?

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? I can't remember it per se, but I have the proof! My favorite memory is the precious home video clip of a two year old rinnah ripping open a load of presents on Christmas Day. I love that video. I should get it converted to DVD before the film goes! *fingers crossed*

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I never believed in the existence of that jolly fat man. Even when I was a tot. I always knew whom my presents came from - mostly from my mum and financed by dad. Ho ho ho.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? I don't ever recall doing so, but I know that I'd shake and feel up my presents in the days leading to Christmas morning in an attempt to guess what I was getting.

10. How do you decorate your Christmas tree? With non-twinkling twinkling lights, oodles of red velvet ribbon and golden gauzy ribbon, golden bells and the occasional artifical cherry. Don't ask me why it's cherries, they've been there as long as I can remember!

11. Snow: Love it or hate it? I have yet to experience snow so I'll go with lovin' it. But if it's hard as ice, I take it all back!

12. Can you ice skate? Urm. No. Like hello? You're asking the girl who can't even stand up with rollerblades on. And you want me to ice skate? Wuahahahaha. But I love to watch figure ice skating though. Competition skating or Disney on Ice skating, I'm game for it!

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Sure I do! It's from that precious home video clip above - my biggest present ever. How often do you get a present that's as big as you are? (No L B, I did not get a Real Doll for Christmas. Wahahaha.) I got the coolest ever battery operated scooter (the box it came in was big enough to fit 2yo me inside. LOL.) and I was still tootling around on it until I was seven plus. Now that's what my parents call value for money. Teeheehee!

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Is this a trick question ah? I love the holidays because they are holidays! Wheeeee....

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? I don't have a favorite holiday dessert, but I do have a favorite dessert! Gimme some of that Hard Rock Cafe brownie chunks with vanilla ice-cream and I'm in foodie heaven...

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Eagerly ripping open the pressies on Christmas morning. I love the sound of tearing wrapping paper and unveiling the mysterious presents under the tree.

17. What is on top of your tree? The tree top la. No really. There's no decoration on top of the tree. I'm thinking of a star for next year though.

18. Which do you like best: giving or receiving? When I was younger, I just lived to receive. Now that I'm older, I work just to give. Lawl. But I love to give... it's the warmest feeling in the world to carefully select a present that (hopefully!) suits the recipient.

19. What is your favorite Christmas song? I love all the Christmas carols and have been part of a caroling group before. This year, current playlist favorites are All I Want For Christmas Is You and Let It Snow.

20. Do you like candy canes? Not to eat, but I like 'em as decorations.

Whew! That is one really long tag... and since Christmas is over, I'm not passing it on... unless anyone wants to pick it up and do it again next year? *grin*

p.s. Oh, I'm postponing my scheduled post - the one where I'm supposed to ask my blogders something - until tomorrow!

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mistipurple said...

chup!! hohohoho. first!

L B said...

The Ho Ho Ho beat me to it!! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Yeah, rinnah, no one gave me a Real Doll either, but nevermind, I am happy with my iPhone still, very much! I even discovered something I hadn't realized before.. I can check my emails anywhere now! I knew I could do that as long as I was connected to some WiFi, but totally forgot that EDGE will connect me up just as well when there is none!! WAAAAA!!! Now I can check who's commented, who's not! LOL!

giddy tigress said...

Lawl. You are just amazing at churning out tags in super fast time...all this when you don't even blog from the office. Gotta give it up to you, girl!

Is that the video where you grin ala Ethan boy style?

keeyit said...

I still got few more christmas tags got to do.. hahahhha..

happy new year to you

ParisB said...

I love that picture - it looks just like a rain shower! :) Happy New Year Rinnah! :)

zewt said...

hahaha... never thought Christmas has a 4th day....

rinnah said...

mistipurple: Hohoho! You have a first place chup!

l b: I guess an iPhone is equal to a Real Doll! Ooo... I can check email with my N80 too, but I only use it with free WiFi. Hahaha.

giddy tigress: I better not owe anyone anymore tags into the new year! Oh yes, that's the video where I grin ala Ethan Boy...

keeyit: Hehehe... can save for next Christmas la. Happy New Year to you too!

parisb: I love it too! Wish I had a bigger kick@$$ camera to make it look better though.

zewt: Haha... there are supposed to be 12 Days of Christmas mah.

may said...

I actually prefer roast lamb over turkey as well, 'cos the latter can be quite dry, and a bird is a bird is a bird... know what I mean? lamb, on the other hand, is so succulent..., juicy... cooked in many ways... mmmmm...

Downtown Houston said...
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Downtown Houston said...

I would love to experience snow. Though I am not used to it. This is my first time in US.

rinnah said...

may: Mmmmm... you've got me hungry for some lanb now! I feel like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Lawl.

downtown houston: Hi and welcome! I hope you've enjoyed your first Christmas in US?