Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Santarina is giving out free hugs!


Wow! Time flies. Can you believe it... it's already December and time for me to publish another The Hug Hug Club round-up. I'm sure you're waiting to find out who's been naughty or nice topping the chupping charts, eh? Since we are at year-end and so near to the X'mas season, I shall adopt the role of Santa-rinnah Santarina and hand out free hugs (it is called The Hug Hug Club after all) for the lucky chuppers who made it to the top of the X'mas tree chupping chart... so boys and girls, this is Santarina's list:

Mistletoe smooches and candy cane hugs for
Angel tree topper hugs for
Reindeer hugs for

They were very good and quick to beat the rest of the pack who were following behind...

4th - Ehon
5th - KYH
6th - Giddy Tigress & Mudpie
7th - May
8th - Wennnn
9th - Adrian & Chen
10th - Misha & Paris Beaverbanks
11th - Doreen, Pelf, Simple American & Zewt

Consolation milk 'n cookies hugs for all! No lumps of coal since you were very productive. :o) The coals are reserved for and given to light a fire under those who didn't get to chup last month. Here's hoping you manage to do so this month!

For more about The Hug Hug Club and it's many resorts, visit

Wishing all a Blessed Merry Christmas in advance!

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kyh said...


Chen said...

i want pudding hugs

kyh said...

*wish for iPod touch, MacBookPro and iPhone*

Santa rinnah! pls make my wish cum true! :D

zewt said...

do u look like that santarina? :P... chup!!

L B said...

Er, your white white tei and black black tei are showing! But of course that was intentional! LOL!! Silly me! Thanks for all the scrumptious mistletoe smoochies! Will keep the candy cane for Ah Boy.. *slurp*

ps: What's that purple purple tei thing? Tail? Whip? Toilet seat?

angel said...

Thankiss for the huggies, Santa Rinnah!!

*wolf whistles*

Wennnn said...

Hugs Santarina... Hahhahaahh I like LB's comment forever Xray eyes.. white white tei & black black tei!!

may said...

haaa, at least I got a few free hugs! whoopee!

Doreen said...

Free hug? Wah~~quickly hug back, big tight one somemore, TWICE!

mistipurple said...

*jump from tree to tree* happies~!!~
i got 3rd i got 3rd whhheeeeeee

narrowband said...

OMG I'd give my left toe to be hugged by *that* yummy SantaRinnah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ehon said...

wakakakakakakaka. i am 4th but im sure i'll be last liao next month..

giddy tigress said...

I'll gladly take my milk and cookies, thankyewvelly much!!!!

rinnah said...

kyh: Chup indeed!

chen: Pudding hugs? Can... like Mayliu's pudding, hor? *hug hug hug*

kyh: Hmm... all I can do is whisper into Santa's ear... whether he grants your wish or not... Lawl.

zewt: What do you think? *grin*

l b: How sharp of you to notice! LOL. Hahaha... whether or not it was intentional... *skips away* *skips back* Hmm... I didn't realise that purple thingy was behind me when I took that shot. No idea how it got there! Could be a tail though. *looks around for mistipurple*

angel: *hug hug hug* I didn't know angels could wolf whistle. LOL!

wennnn: *hugs wennnn and BB!* Hahaha... nothing escapes the Emperor's eagle gaze!

may: More than a few free hugs... many many! *hug hug hug*

doreen: Yay! A signature hug from Doreen! *hugs back tight tight*

mistipurple: Ah, there you are. Come to claim your free hugs and take back your tail?

narrowband: Only your left toe ah? I'm afraid that won't get you many hugs... nah, just kidding! *hug*

ehon: If you can even spare time out from your busy schedule to chup I'll be amazed!

giddy tigress: Milk and cookies coming right up! I'll even throw in some Big Apple donuts too!