Saturday, December 29, 2007

A penny for your thoughts...

I said previously that I had something to ask my blogders about. Well, coming on the heels of my year in retrospect post, rinnah would like to ask:

~ Could you describe my blog in three words?

~ Longer posts (like what I've been posting in December) OR shorter posts?

~ An average of a post a day OR a longer post every other day or two?

~ Do you like the funny stuff OR the posts that make you think/feel?

~ More pictures / videos / uploads to keep things visual OR stick with the wordsmithing because that's what I do best?

~ Do you come back and read the comment replies?

~ If there was one suggestion you could make to improve this blog, what would it be?

~ Should I abandon Blogspot and just move over to my domain completely?

I've been thinking a bit about the above questions, but I just can't seem to make up my mind (or to be frank I need some agreement with what I've kinda decided?) without consulting those who matter - my readers! Don't be shy, let me know what you think (even silent / anonymous readers included!).

14 spins:

L B said...

1) Yes! Super Fragilistic Expresso
2) Bit of both
3) No set rhythm works too
4) Again, why settle for being predictable?
5) Sometimes
6) Go to WordPress
7) YES!! Because right now, Blogspot has this bug (for me anyway) where it would change back to the Main Window while I carried on typing (need to look at keypad) in the 'inactive' comment box!

L B said...

I seemed to have missed out on one question, but whichever it was, the answer remains the same! LOL! Happy New YEARRR!!! *blardy West Ham*

simon said...

i'd say your own hosting with WP gives you lots of flexibility with the design compared to blogger, but it's a lot more work.

i also feel videos and pic add color, but content is still king... :)

angeles said...

~spin rinnah, spin!
~either way doesn't matter to me.
~up to u!
~up to u too!
~be yourself.
~up to u too.

Gee... looks like I ain't help u much, eh? Sowwie...

Sometimes, we wonder whether we blog for who, hor? Ourselves? The blogders? Or...?

ps: 2 days ago, I wanted to change my blog url becos I think there's an overexposure liao. I even prepared a 'final' entry for that current url but then today I changed my mind hahaaa... u knw what I did? I removed my archives' links fr my blog.. now ppl can't korek me archives anymore haha... cis, how come I so scaredy cat, huh? oh well... oops, got carried away telling u abt ME pulak... ;)

Doreen said...

~Rinnah's blog rocks!
~length doesn't matter me
~as often as you want too lah
~I personally prefer funny stuff coz' me lazy to think. Hehehe
~Pictures are good
~no leh. Your blog very nice and clean and easy to read. I like!
~of course if got own domain better lah.

may said...

that's more than "a question" wor... LOL! I don't mind where you go, keep Blogger or move to your own domain permanently, long or short, one or none, laugh or think, this or that, because what you blog about is about you mah.

I suppose what you're trying to do is please your audience, yes? well, if your audience still comes back for more each time, I guess you're doing everything right anyway, no matter how you do it! :)

three words -- spin me 'round!

Ehon said...

- font too small. :P
- balance between both
- suit yourself
- honest stuff
- pictures
- sometimes
- make it your own
- i think so. cos i don't read your domain, but i think you bought it for a reason.


mistipurple said...

i will follow you.. wherever you may go..

i only don't follow well because i am very disorganised and don't have you in one place because i just clump everything in my favourites. tidying it, as i commented in one of your other blog today, rendered me a little lost instead because i don't know where everything went when i 'organised' my links.

you might want to keep your blogspot because one never knows, the ranking might come back and it might be the highest pulling one. and, that's where everybody knows you. maybe you can leave a link in blogspot and tell everyone to go to your own domain if you wanna leave it.

as to your style, i think it's best to be yourself. no fast rules. like what LB said, that would be too predictable. i like your wordsmith ones. you write well. and more importantly, i like the person behind the words. that's what keeps me coming back. the person, not how she writes.

pelf said...

(1) Three words? Err..
(2) A combination of long and short posts would be perfect :D
(3) If I had to choose, a longer post every other day (because I can't afford to blog-hop on a daily basis, but that's just me)
(4) I love posts that make me think/feel. If I wanted funny stuff, I'd go read some jokes.
(5) Keep with the word-smithing, and probably add an image or two to spice things up. I'm getting old already, sometimes I read and read and read and get back to the same line, LOL.
(6) No. I use co.mments to keep track of my comments :D
(7) Err.. Can you not use red fonts? Kekkke, black is nicer, kan?
(8) Of course move over to your own domain! You bought that for a reason, no? Plus, the earlier you do it, the better. They call it branding, I think :D

Tine said...

Err dont need to answer all, can ah? :p

For longer/shorter posts, well, it really depends on what you want to talk about. Getting straight to the point is often the best choice :) Although sometimes, heartfelt entries may need more. On the average, 200 words (give or take a few more) is pretty good.

Pictures eez good :)

Err can use black fonts ke? Pink fonts difficult to read leh :(

Oh, and move to your own domain, of course! That's what you bought it for! ;)


narrowband said...

1. Three words? "A Writer's Blog" :)

2. Long or short, it's your call - depending on what you're writing about. But if there are ways to shorten an entry and you *know* it, why not? You are not long-winded and you don't write nonsense anyway so... long or short, I still read one :p (except probably paid entries, honestly.. haha.. but that's just me and paid entries all over the blogosphere, not exclusively you alone ;))

3. As for frequency of update... you can never satisfy everyone. Some of us don't check our Reader everyday, some of us check only once a week - so really, I don't think you should worry about this too much. As for me, I think an average of about 1 post in 2-3 days is okay (excluding paid ones).

4. I like any kind as long as it's original and well-written, no matter a thinking post or not. A little bit of humour is welcomed but it depends on your current writing mood.

5. I like your writings - they're your greatest strength... pictures, wherever appropriate, do help in making the post feel more 'complete' but certainly not a necessity.

6. Yes sometimes I do come back read comment replies :D

7. I echo some of the previous commentors in saying that the font colour could be darkened. But then again Rinnah, I read your entries on Google Reader so they always appear black-on-white. It doesn't really affect me;p

8. This one's interesting. I don't know which blog should I link up from my blogroll, while trying to retain only one link to your blog. If you could choose which blog I should link up, which would you pick? I reckon it'd be the one which you're monetizing. It's fair enough but I'm subscribed to both anyway :p

What a great idea to ask for readers' feedback, Rinnah! How come I didn't think of this!!

Daniel said...

hi, dropping by to wish U a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.

giddy tigress said...

1) Spin till giddy
2) A mixture of both would strike a perfect balance. Maybe sometimes a post with no words too?
3) I donno - surprise me!
4) I like both, as long as you write 'em!
5) I prefer pictures to videos actually...but I like how you write more!
6) Sometimes
7) If I could chup first!
8) Yes, because I find it way easier to comment on wordpress

Happy New Year, Rinnah!

rinnah said...

everyone: Thanks for all the detailed replies! I'll be sure to take it into consideration when I make my final decision! *hugs & muacks*