Saturday, December 01, 2007

I wish I had more time


I was having a quick chat online on Thursday night with the Giddy Tigress and she mentioned that I hadn't been commenting as fast and as furiously as before. I also hadn't been blogging at my previous level of output ever since last week. :o(

I wish I had more time to blog!

I have so many half-finished blog topics in my mind that I hope to get into some electronic format before it's lost forever - gone with the wind and pushed out of my mind by the next set of documents that I have to review. Mind-blogging is very much what is happening right now and I don't have the luxury of drafting my thoughts into my next blogpost like before at my previous job. That's the only drawback in my new job. Other than that, I'm loving it! *wink*

I also wish that some kind of auto-transcriber had been invented that could take my thoughts and input them into a word processing document as I think so that all I have to do is just go back and edit it later - all ready for posting. My laptop hard drive is bursting with a great many photos that I want to put up too, but I have yet to edit them. :o( I owe my other friends to upload photos of past outings which I haven't gotten around to doing either, even though no editing is required there.

So, my apologies if the posts and comments have been few and far in between. Real world life is eating up my blogging time!

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angel said...

That's the way it should be, rinnah! Not otherwise!

Very happies for yous! ;)

L B said...

Real World stuff is good then! I noticed you haven't chupped too, for a long time as well.. :-) But it's ok.. Better to have too much going on in RW than shake leg, EFNT in Blog World, I say! Good for you....... but I really do miss your chuppies!

may said...

hmm, maybe you should start audio-blogging - just record your voice, no need to type. so can blog faster, ya? ;-)

kyh said...

make it up when u hv ur hornidays! ;)

mistipurple said...

you have a life dear. tsk tsk tsk. lol. (was meaning to say i don't)

Doreen said...

That's ok Rinnah. We all have times when we just don't have a breathing space. busy is good, make your times go faster and not sitting there thinking of what to do next.

narrowband said...

That's exactly what's happening to me too. I haven't been able to update my blog as frequently as I used to be - but they're mainly because of my activities off working-hours. On nights when I go out, I can't blog. And when I don't go out (nothing on), I head down to the gym. That leaves me with only weekends to write. But it's ok too because my most recent posts get alot of 'air-time' that way ;p

Ah mind-blogging. I so can relate! If there were a device that can convert my thoughts into text, I will not use it because there'll be too much rubbish, and everything will be very incoherent. Definitely. But there's so much going through my mind now and I haven't learned the art of 'partitioning' my brain yet (lol... like partitioning our computer harddrives).

Take your time and enjoy blogging :)

Leonard said...

haha..myself had been missing for some time too...

never mind, take your time and blog as you have time.

the auto-transcriber seems a good idea! i may need one too!

kyh said...

wah still so busy ah? *puts on speed alert*

*waits for rinnah to come back*

giddy tigress said...

Still missing your fast comments like crazy!!!

rinnah said...

angel: But my real world time is being eaten up with work? Hahaha. It'll be even worse when I do get a life. Lawl.

l b: I wanna chup! I haven't chupped at your site in ages! *sad*

may: Hahaha... audio-blogging, huh? I still dunno how to put up mp3 in my blog. Can anyone show me how?

kyh: No hornidays for a long long time leh... and now my feedreader is threatening to swamp me!

mistipurple: My life isn't all that exciting. LOL!

doreen: It's going by too fast! I wanna slow down and enjoy life. Hehehe.

narrowband: So busy ah you? Summore going to add Yapunis lessons to your schedule... Can one partition one's mind? I'd like to learn how to!

leonard: I haven't even had time to drop comments at your place! But I do read you off feedreader.

kyh: Yaloh... still very busy. *sad*

giddy tigress: I miss being first to comment too! Argh!