Friday, November 16, 2007

It's not just a game of PR

*sigh* In the wake of my recent PR cut-down, I've been forced to re-examine myself on the true motives of why I blog. PabloPabla wrote a very compelling post here about how he feels about blogging after the PR cuts and asks in another post here, why do you blog?

He invites all bloggers to answer three simple yet telling questions:

1. Why do you blog?
2. What do you hope to achieve by blogging?
3. How much time do you spend a day doing blogging related work (as described above)?

I figure that this is as good a time as any to look inwardly and really, truthfully lay it out in the open about my relationship with blogging, so here goes nothing! *takes a deep breath*

Why do you blog?
I started blogging because I kinda liked the thought of having an online diary of sorts. I've always kept diaries since I could scribble and blogging just seemed to be a natural extension of what I did back then. But then, blogging became more than just a diary thing. When you meet with wonderful people online who take their time to read your inane scribblings and leave a comment, a constructive one, an encouraging one or just simply a hello, how are you comment... it really makes your day. I began to blog as if thru their eyes, viewing each post critically with a thought as to how they might like my latest take on things. Then came the siren call of blogging for money. It seemed so incredibly easy at first, to be able to pop in a post here and there and see the USD start to roll in. I do hope that I've not alienated my readers by blogging for money, but I've always endeavoured to put a little something into even the most soulless sponsored post that would reveal a bit of how I think, the person I am. But along the way, I think I've been focusing too much on the money. *grin*

What do you hope to achieve by blogging?
I'd really like to make a name for myself in blogging. I don't hope to be as famous as John Chow or Darren Rowse for example, but I would love to be seen as a responsible blogger - like JD from Get Rich Slowly or Trent from The Simple Dollar. Leo Babauta from Zen Habits would be cool too. Closer to home, there is always the inspiration that is Pelf Nyok. These are people who (I think!) blog about what truly matters to them and they are darn good at it.

I still love to blog about anything and everything and no, I don't think I'll get tired of blogging all that quickly. I hope that by the time I quit blogging (if ever?) maybe the name rinnah will mean something to those who read me.

How much time do you spend a day doing blogging related work (as described above)?
Lots. I spend most nearly every single bit of free time I have with my computer. And the lure to check just one more blog is very, very tempting. I have to say that if you're asking about how much time I spend building up my blogs, the minimum time spent in a day would be on average about two (2) hours. And that's the barest minimum. If I'm not out and about during the weekends, I could verily spend my whole day with my broadband connection and my laptop. (I really should get a life, hor?) And yes, I know that I'm addicted. *grin*

So, PabloPabla, these are my honest answers. And thank you for making me think about why I blog. I shall revert to the basics of blogging - giving my best in ensuring that my readers get good content from my blogs.

If any blogger out there reading this post would like to participate in this unofficial poll of sorts, please write a post on your blog answering the three questions above and
submit it to PabloPabla's site here. Deadline for entries is on 30 November 2007.

17 spins:

giddy tiger said...

I can't believe I get to chup here. Finally!
yeah, I wanted to post something up to. let's hope I can meet the deadline!

By the way, you're a fantastic blogger, girl! Keep it up!

angel said...

I started blogging after 2-3 yrs of reading blog. And, of course, after being 'kicked out' by LB for squatting in his blog for a few months (haha, nolah, he din kick laa), I started the blog.

Why I blog ah?
EFNTD... not literally of cos becos I hv alotta things to do... but somehow........

And you, my dear girl, you have a knack in writing, and not forgetting your powderful Engrand...

That's why you are rank tops in most of your friends/readers' choice ;)

angel said...

*reading blogs*
tsk tsk tsk!!

kyh said...

chup firsttt

kyh said...

i seldom blog now lor cos very lazy... :PPPPP

*tries hard to find inspiration and motivation bek*

*still workin hard*

*workin workin*

rinnah said...

giddy tiger: You haven't had a chup in quite a while, eh? Not to worry, there's still plenty of time to make PabloPabla's deadline. And I look forward to reading your post too! Awww... *hugs*

angel: Wow... that's a pretty long time of reading blogs, no? Blogging holds us all together... ahhhh... *group hug!* Hahaha... my Engrand not that very the powderful... just sometimes only. LOL! I'm tops in your choice? Awww... *tears up*

kyh: Da chupping machine kyh is back! LOL! Why so lazy to blog sai loh? Come, I give you some tags to get you going again. Kekekekekeke!

pelf said...

WOW.. That is one big recognition I'm not very sure I deserve!

Thanks for the mention, and I wish you all the best in your blogging endeavours.

Remember the reason the first time I approached you?

L B said...

My reasons are simple.. I am narcissistic. First and foremost, my blog is my witness to my being. I do not care to please everyone all the time, though I try to please some, some of the time. Nor do I think I want money from doing so. At least not to the detriment of what I love to blog about. Which in a nutshell, is all things frivolous! Long live Lormaikai.

Doreen said...

Emm....I blog to jot down my thoughts and give updates to my family and friends, and also blog to make friends.

Your blog is very nice and I can see you put your heart to it. You'll make a name! (^_^)

Chen said...

I remembered answering a tag "Why I Blog" early this year. Let me C+P why I blog again, cos the reasons are still the same :P

Why I Blog :
1. Just for fun. Itchy hands. This is the main reason why I started it in the first place. I enjoy writing. I don't have to worry about lack of ideas or thought block.
2. As an online diary or journal to keep track of some of the interesting events & happenings.
3. Can talk craps and share ideas.
4. Throughout these period of time, I get to know quite a number of friends (including humans & pets) from weblogs. Who say blogging is a waste of time??
5. A place to share some of the photos I take.

Ehon said...

i somehow got the feeling u're gonna tag me. :P then i read read, there! lol! giddy giddy tiger also tag me. :D

rinnah said...

pelf: Awwww... don't be so modest girl! You're really one of those responsible bloggers and I salute you for it! Hehehe... how could I not remember? *grin*

l b: And YOU... are excellently good at being narcissistic yet in a pleasantly readable way! Long live the Emperor and his Lormaikai!

doreen: And that's the beauty of blogging... that we can make friends over the thousands of miles that separate us. I shall 'ka yau' (add oil) to blog some more!

chen: Kakakaka... were you the one who tagged me with it? I remember it too! I think I wrote that if AhBoy can do it, so can I! LOL!

ehon: You'll be free enough soon to do it what... *naughty grin*

Adino said...

You're right. The PR punishment makes us study our true motives for blogging.

mistipurple said...

i have a love hate relationship with my blogs. mostly it is because i would prefer only the people i am comfortable with to read who i really am. but it's not possible in cyber ya? so i am not quite who i am in my blogs. sorry i have deceived you. *cries loudly*

rinnah said...

adino: Yup. It's a blessing in disguise, I guess. *grin*

mistipurple: We still lup you no matter what! *wipes misti's tears*

zewt said...

ahhh... pablopabla certainly brought some awareness. honestly, i didnt really give the PR drop thngy much look since the beginning since my blogging life doesnt rely on it and i must say... it's very liberating.

looking at why you blog in the first place, dont u think all these PR ranks and the rest is irrelevant?

rinnah said...

zewt: And that's where you are lucky not to feel the drop. *grin* But I think your blog's PR is not affected at all since it has remained 'pure'. If I wasn't blogging for money, I wouldn't care two hoots about the PR. But the money does help my life somewhat and it's hard to ignore that. *grin*