Friday, November 02, 2007

Breaking news about my blog(s)

Folks, we are officially into November and I have two happy things to announce about my blog(s)...

This blog, It's all about the spin... has officially passed 50 readers on feedreader. (Information for stats by Feedburner website - ignore the button in the sidebar; it's not updated. *grin*)

Whoopee!!! I love you guys... all of ya (including the silent readers)! *muacks* Actually I'd already seen the stats last week, but it spiked to 54 then dipped back down to 48 or 49 before shooting up again this week. The stats have hit an all time high of 57 so far, but it's been holding steady at 52 for now. I know it's nothing compared to the hordes of amazing fans of LB's or May's or SA's or Zewt's blogs, but I'm am so touched and honoured that 52 people find my spin interesting enough to subscribe to my feed and read me. I promise you all I'll keep up the good work!

And secondly...

My other blog, Rinnah's Marketplace is now at Google PageRank 1 and has been monetized today.

Okay, so it's not particularly bombastic news, but I've already got a sponsored post or two lined up for it already. Heh. This means a new additional stream of online income for me and that's something I'm happy about. LOL!

Gotta build up more blogging steam, eh? *revs engine*

12 spins:

mistipurple said...

*revs up engine.brrummbrruuummm...*
rinnah up up and awayyyyy!! congrats!

Ehon said...

CONGRATS!! :D And here's a congrats gift

t a g



L B said...

wheeeeee. I am glad to be part of the 50+!!! So happy can do one handed and one legged cartwheelies!! :-) Hugs Hugs Hugs, and take me out for Ice cream next time ok? Thanks.

Doreen said...

me me me! Me too, as part of the 52!

Congratulations Rinnah! You're well deserved. Keep it up!


mudpie said...

dun wanna be left behind *revvvvvss the motorcycle engine* *prennngggggg*

ParisB said...

Whee! i'm part of the #1 and congrats on #2! ;)

giddy tiger said...

Congratulations Rinnah!
A gift for you?

zewt said...

:)... i dont even know how many feeds i have...

you're certainly doing well. keep it up.

narrowband said...

Congratulations Rinnah!!! I contributed to your #1 :p

Keep the engine revving!

rinnah said...

mistipurple: *brrummmmm* Not only Rinnah, but Mistipurple too!

ehon: Hahaha... you so clever to tag me hor? Hor? Hehehe. Will do it ASAP!

l b: So you're one of the 50+! I'm so glad you're not a silent reader... LOL! *huggies* When you coming back to Malaysia for your Ice Cream? When?

doreen: And I'm so glad to know you too! *hugs back*

mudpie: You're back! *prennnnggggg* As long as I'm not Mat Rempit, k? Kekekekeke!

parisb: Wheeee! I'm so glad all of you are a part of this too!

giddy tiger: Another congratulatory tag? Hehehe. Will be done soon!

zewt: Definitely more than me lor! Just look at the average number of comments you get!

narrowband: Wheeee! Thanks for being a part of this! I owe it all to peeps like you!

may said...

oh, congratulations on your readership and page rank for your respective blogs! I don't think I get that many readers compared to you lah, it's just some repeated people coming back to sampat... kekekeke!

good work, keep it up!

rinnah said...

may: I see so many different people commenting on your blog... whereas mine is just the few of you guys faithfully commenting leh... kekekeke!