Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sing me a song...

Excited! Yes, even though I only can claim third-hand proximity to the event. I mau tumpang spotlight mah. *preens* LOL! You see, my good galpal Giddy Tiger's brother, is one of the nine finalist songwriters for this year's Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC) 2007. Woohoo! Way to go, GT's bro!


The following is cut-n-pasted from GT's blogpost here. (I'm too lazy to retype it, beyond making sure that the links are intact. LOL!)

The concert will be held on Dec 2nd 2007 (Sunday) at the Matrade Hall in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. This charity event is held to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia, Real Love Ministries (RLM - a counseling program to help the homosexual community) and NIE Asia (helping to build wells in Cambodia). Thus, invitation and/or tickets to this event is by donation only:

Donation below RM 50 (Minimum RM 10)

BLUE TICKETS (entitled to a CD as token of appreciation)
Donation above RM 50

PINK TICKETS (entitled to a CD as token of appreciation) - VIP
Donation above RM 200

Note: The CD above would either be Carbon (Compilation of Finalists from MRSC 2005) or Rizuan the Musical (Compilation of Finalists from MRSC 2006)

If you are interested to get the tickets, please contact Giddy Tiger or check out her brother’s blog for details. For more information about this spectacular event, visit the organizer’s website here.


You can listen to the finalists' composition
here and vote too, if you're so inclined.

I will be going to support GT's brother, anyone coming with me? *grin*

This is a community post brought to you by rinnah

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L B said...

Ok, do a Live Feed for me ok? I'll wait here...

Aww, you're so sweet! I wish I was GT's brother too..

angel said...

*waits beside L B*

And encore too, ok? :D

Simple American said...

I wan live feed too! Unless I can go with you. :)

Giddy Tiger said...

Thanks for the publicity, dear! I've contacted him to let you know how to get the tix!

mistipurple said...

wah so talented GT's bro. *clap clap*
you so shweet rinnah. *hugs*

Allan said...

Woo hoo! Many many THANKS Rinnah!!;-)

Do remember to PM or call me on how I can pass the tickets to you yah?;-)

For all readers, you can support me (GT's bro) by simply typing "A" and SMS to 33225. SMS voting does count for a portion of the judging, I hear. ;-)

Doreen said...

Wish I could go......oko, I start swmimming now, may be can still make it in time. Hehehe

everydayhealy said...

LOL! must go to Giddy's place and congrate her first.

Anyway, you've got a tag.

rinnah said...

l b: I'll try to record a bit of the live performance! Pictures are guaranteed. LOL! Eh, send me tix to your fashion show la... I sure come one!

angel: Encore ah? I try, okie?

simple american: I'm pretty sure you can Jedi mindtrick your way past the bouncers, right? Right?

giddy tiger: Thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to the concert. LOL!

mistipurple: Yeah, talented family, hor? Hehehe. Me is sweet potato...

allan: You're welcome! Must publicize a bit more for such a good thing! Will get in touch with you soon for the tix. *toot toot toot... busy SMSing*

doreen: Er, I wait for you at Port Klang? *wink*

everydayhealy: Congratulations and celebrations! Wheeee! Ooo... tagged? Okie, I will come and see now!