Monday, November 19, 2007

A hill to climb ahead of me


The scale is no longer my friend. Humph. It insists on telling me that I've gained 1kg in the past month. *rolls eyes* Yeah yeah yeah.

Anyway, that and the fact that my new company is participating in a walkathon for Pantai Medical means that come Sunday morning, one less than fit rinnah will be waking up at the crack of dawn (the walk starts at 7am), donning her brand-new (only used twice!) sport shoes, free pink t-shirt, sunblock, toting her camera and trudging along 5km worth of road in Bangsar. Oh, this is going to be such a walk in the park. Not! If my memory serves me right, the circuitous road shown on the map of the walk will be going uphill / downhill in spots. Argh. I can do the distance, but I fear the inclines will do me in. But if Pink Elle can survive two action packed days in one weekend, surely I can survive a little walkathon?

*prays for strength to finish the course and not embarass herself in the process*

13 spins:

angel said...

Go rinnah, go!
Chup first.

Wennnn said...

Ka yau Chup ka yau ka yau!!

L B said...

You know you can do it!... Surely! Yes.. huff, puff, huff, puff, huff, huff... there goes .05 of your kg! Isn't that incentive enough? :-) And think of the Roti Canai after that!

may said...

you can do it wan! nice and slow. which reminds me, I gotta lose some KGs too... *sigh*

narrowband said...

Go Rinnah go!! I want to be there with the other pom-pom girls cheering for you! Haha. It's psychological. Think about something motivational :p Dont' keep thinking about the route hahaah... Good luck Rinnah!

P/s: lol @ your new shoes worn only twice :))

Ehon said...

HAHAHA! Yes, go rinnah go! You can do it! Easy peasy only. Just a walk er.. in the office! :D

mudpie said...

left right left right .. come on rinnah .. just keep breathing!!!

Doreen said...

Run Rinnah, run! Sorry you're not running but walking hor? okok, start again: Walk Rinnah, walk!


kyh said...

jus a walk, not a sprint! *showers redbull over rinnah for lasting energy*

giddy tiger said...

You go Rinnah, you go Rinnah!!
*cheers Rinnah on with pink pom poms*

Chen said...

have fun walking
add oil add oil :)

btw, i did my homework liao :)

adrian said...

Dun worry, I'll be waiting for u with my bicycle around the 3rd corner. just in case. ;)

rinnah said...

angel: Yay! Go me!

wennnn: Yay! I can do it with your support!

l b: Oh ya hor... I forgot about the weight loss incentive. Ooo... don't tell me about the Roti Canai! That'll undo all the hike work.

may: *repeats after may* Nice and slow. Nice and slow. Nice and sloooooooow. Hehehe.

narrowband: Come hold my hand and push me across the finish line? ;P Heh, it's true what - only worn twice so far.

ehon: *repeats after ehon* It's just a walk. It's just a walk. It's just a walk.

mudpie: *trudges along slowly* Left right left right left right... must. keep. breathing!

doreen: Yes, cannot run! Ahahaha. Walk, babe, walk!

kyh: Ooooh, that Red Bull's awfully refreshing! Thanks!

giddy tiger: *rinnah is energized at the sight of GT and her pom poms*

chen: I can do it! Hehehe.

adrian: Where? I can't see you. *grin*