Saturday, November 03, 2007

Of This, Proud I Am

My Padawan Ehon har, he no need to do assignments and study for exams wan very free and got nothing better to do (EFNTD) he go and start tags. What la this ah boy... (No, Ah Boy, I'm not referring to you. *grin*) But since he is my Padawan and since he called me beautiful, I shall oblige him la.

~ Start copy ~
It's pretty easy. All you gotta do is tell us your proudest moment, and then copy the following, and put your name, and your proudest moment below the previous person's name and paste it in your blog, and then tag another 5 people! :) Too easy, right?

Ehon's proudest moment is when he swept 5 out of 6 trophies at a State First Aid Competition.

Rinnah's proudest moment was when she graduated with a higher diploma from Cambridge University.

~ End copy ~

Peeps I wanna tag:

Note: In case you're wondering, I am prouder of my diploma than I am of my degree because Cambridge is more prestigious than the university my degree came from. LOL! But I like the tassel and mortarboard from my recent degree convocation ceremony better. Hahaha.

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L B said...

hahahaha, just in time tag? LOL!!! hhaaahooo *delirious laughter* omg... Finest Moments?!! Gee... Lemme think ah... kakaka.. I am so gonna have trouble deciding! LOL!! *giddy as a tiger*

adrian said...

Thanks for tagging me but very sorry I don't do tags.

Just joking lar. Woo hoo! Tags! :P
I'll have to think abit about this one.

L B said...

I got so many!!!

Chen said...

proud moment ah?
have to think hard liao..

i know i'm proud of ah boy

may said...

errr... ermmmmmm... gee, one? must be a pretty outstanding moment, eh? ok.. ermmmm... ermmmmm... do later! kakakaka!

angel said...

Thx for the tag! Altho' I really can't think of any proud moment now worr... sei mou... :|

Happy Sunday to you!

Doreen said...

Wooo~~~~Cambridge neh~~~Rinnah must be very smart. If I go Cambridge hor, suicide only. Hehehe

Ehon said...

hahahahahaha. still got like that one!! like this and that of this and that better. :P


YAY for doing my tag! MUAH! I not free lar. wake up first thing, make breakfast and straight to reading research papers ler. u say free anot?

Giddy Tiger said...

Complete this tag in super fast time, you did, my dear Padawan.

Simple American said...

You went to Cambridge? No wonder you talkie so good. kekeke

But you should be proud. What a prestigious school!

Simple American said...


I don't remember cutting off your padawan braid miss!!!

rinnah said...

l b: Hehehe... for once you are flummoxed? This I have to see... and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

adrian: Kakakaka... I already know you do tags... I've seen it before. LOL!

l b: Surely there must be one outstanding one?

chen: How about the time you rode back to your place on your bike with your white doctor's coat flapping behind you in the night? LOL!

may: Yes, outstanding moment in time! Hehehe. Take your time la...

angel: Aiyo... why all of you liddat one... surely there must be one moment in time... Hugahugahuga!

doreen: Aiyah... Cambridge nia outsource program la... hehehe. Didn't get to go to Cambridge in England, but the cert comes from there! *grin*

ehon: What is like this and like that? Me no understand... hehehe... not very free meh? OK-lar... you are busy procrastinating here and there la. LOL!

giddy tiger: Have to be fast! If not then my Padawan don't have good example then how? *grin*

simple american: Hehehe... me speaker in Engrish... LOL! I took in a Padawan as a Padawan... so he should be a youngling, no? *grin*

L B said...

It was so hard to pick just one, but in the end I did! Skippy Bites & Terabytes.. for your reading pleasure, when you've finished poking me.

rinnah said...

l b: And a very well chosen moment to be proud of too! Well done! *proposes a toast*

Anonymous said...

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