Sunday, November 25, 2007

When the huffing and puffing is over

I D I D I T.
Yatta!!! *rinnah does a virtual jump of joy*

I completed the Pantai Medical Hospital charity walkathon for breast cancer this morning without injury. Whew! And while I wasn't exactly among the forerunners, I didn't end up last either (although a lot of people overtook me along the way. LOL!). But I digress... because the walk wasn't 5km after all. Hurhurhur. I guess the organizers realized that there would be a great deal of unfit corporate participants so they shortened it to half the route - or roughly 2.5km. But even though it was 2.5km, it wasn't exactly a walk in the park leh. More than half of the route was uphill and THAT was the killing part for me.

Oh! Seldom used calf muscles were close to screaming in protest as I trudged up slopes, inclines and hills adamantly ignoring my legs' pleas for "just a 5 minute rest" because I knew if I stopped then, I probably couldn't summon the willpower to move on again. LOL! All I allowed myself to focus on was the music from my mobile phone (I later realized the irony of walking while listening to Maroon 5's Harder To Breathe) and kept repeating to myself "Left, right, left, right (from mudpie), add oil, just a little bit more, I can see the top of the hill - it'll be all downhill after that (I was wrong, incidentally!), if that aunty over there can do it so can I" and remembering mistipurple's virtual buntut pushes. Heh.

Did you know that Bangsar is full of hilly inclines that go up and up and up? The route they chose when up, then dipped down for a short bit before another even steeper incline loomed ahead. Really challenging for someone who rarely exercises like me. And then there were the superfit people who chose to run. Amazing, aitelyu. *pengsan*

It's a wonderful feeling to know that I made it, but the aftermath was... one knackered rinnah who came home and collapsed into bed, lapsing into a semi-conscious fog for the next four hours feeling as though her feet were going to drop off from the ankles. Funny how the ache has moved up from the ankles now to the thighs. LOL.)

Right. Now can I possibly get an MC for tomorrow? *grin*

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mudpie said...
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mudpie said...

*high 5* way to go!!!! my suggestion for tonight is to have your leg or raised higher (sleeping time) okay .. but MC definitely a better option hahahahah *evil laugh*

*good night hug*

mudpie said...

opsie i meant your calf hahahha

rinnah said...

mudpie: *high five's mudpie back* Yay! Ooo... it will help with the ache? Okay, will prop up legs with some pillows tonight or else I'll be hobbling in to work tomorrow. LOL!

angel said...

No hot dip for the tired feet? ;)

No scream YATTA??
Heh heh... Congrats, Walkathoner!!

kyh said...

way to go! *gip hgs and kisses* :P

still aching? fast fast get EMM SEEEE!

L B said...

Hurrah! You did it! Well done! Here's a bucket of Ice Cream! And a big hug....

may said...

woo-hoo! good on ya for finishing the walk. congratulations! very satisfying for the soul, hor?

*massages rinnah's legs*

Tine said...

Hey way to go! I'm always very impressed by people who go for walkathons, marathons, etc. That's cos I just can't seem to get off my lazy behind to go walking *gulp*

Anyways congrats :)

Doreen said...

Yay! You've made it! Hats off to you Rinnah! Your thighs still ache?

rinnah said...

angel: No lor, I didn't think of it. Hehehe. *screams YATTA!*

kyh: Wheeeee! I got braddy's hugs n kisses! No lah, didn't emmmm seeeee after all. I so good, hor? But lots of my colleagues did. *grin*

l b: Aiyoh, I work so hard to lose the weight on the walkathon and you give me ice-cream as a reward? I'll take it anyway! Heh.

may: Very, very satisfied. Maybe I should sign myself up for some more. LOL! Oh, that massage feels so good!

tine: Hahaha... under normal circumstances I can't be bothered to join walkathons / marathons / whateverthons. I'm also very lazy to move my behind, that's why its big. Hehe.

doreen: Yup, they do! But not as bad as yesterday liao.

Chen said...

congrats. Rinnah BOLEH !! :D
Since LB gave u ice cream,
I will give u iced lemon tea :P

Adino said...

Yay! That's amazing. 2.5km uphill is a looong way to walk.

I hope there wasn't a prize for coming in first or anything, because those people who ran should be disqualified. It is a WALKathon after all.

mistipurple said...

take off my hat to you. and my .. er.. ok. this is not LB's blog. lol!

virtual buntut push eh? hhaha.

giddy tiger said...

I'm so proud of you girl! *pats Rinnah on the back* I knew you could do it!

rinnah said...

chen: Yeah, rinnah boleh! *jumps up and down* Tengkiu for the iced lemon tea. *grins*

adino: It was very very far when I was doing it. Lawls. Funny you should say that but yeah, there were prizes given out. I wonder if those who won it ran or not?

mistipurple: Hehehe... yeah, that virtual buntut push. *picks up after misti just in case some stripping is going on* Heh.

giddy tiger: Now I can go hiking up Penang Hill with you and Ethan boy! *grins*

keeyit said...

Congratz le.. Hahahaha.. I also collapsed lol if I walked or ran for so long.. haha... rest la.. tomorrow MC lo..

rinnah said...

keeyit: Hehehe... not that far actually... just a 35 minute walk on average.