Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Amazing THHC points round-up for October

Well, it looks like I posted less in October than I did in September and I foresee that I'll be posting even lesser for the months of November and December! But, of course, you know me... this ain't no guarantee of whether I do post or not. I do a number of posts normally each day, but it's spread out amongst my blogs so unless you're following me there then it'll seem like I'm not posting very much at all. *grin* But this isn't what you've come to see, now is it? On with the show!

Season 2 of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) premieres tonight on Astro's AXN, let's show off the amazing racers for the month of October at this resort of THHC...

1st -
2nd -
3rd -

Other racers who got eliminated from the competition left behind in their wake were...

4th - Giddy Tiger
5th - Ehon
6th - Wennnn
7th - KYH
8th - Doreen
9th - Chen
10th - Mistipurple
11th - Lydia, Narrowband and Winn
12th - Zewt, Simple American and Adrian

And last but not least, a hearty welcome to new racers Doreen and Adrian! *waves*

Competition begins again with this post and racers may find their copy of the
rules and regulations here. If you'd like to have your blog be a pitstop on the worldwide hunt for chups, contact RaceMaster LB, k?

Tara, tara! (Bad pun. Heh.)

16 spins:

mudpie said...

amazing race CHUP!!! 1st!!!

angel said...

Wah!! Must buy bicycle liao! Chup two!

Thx for the chups!

adrian said...

Wah, I always wanted to join the amazing race. but I cannot run fast wan wor. Can ah? :P

L B said...

Ok, ok, ok... anyone interested, we got Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Texan, etc... Roll up! Roll up!! Buy one, get the rest free!!!! *grin*

Wheeeeeeeee................ Hugs Hugs!!! I cannot compliment you enough for the joy you spread. Live long & prosper, at the HKF™ & THHC™!! Yeah!

mistipurple said...

10 is a nice number. i like!

Anonymous said...

good morning and happy friday!

Simple American said...

A race! nobody told me it was a race. :P

Ehon said...

I can do it! I can do it!!

may said...

the Hug Hug Chup Chup race! I'm losing steam each month, so how did I manage 2nd place?! LOL! race ya to the finish line!

Simple American said...

Hey there. I completed my homework. :)

rinnah said...

mudpie: Very amazing chup for 1st place!!! You are safe from elimination for this round...

angel: You are racer number two to arrive at this pitstop... you are also safe from elimination for this round...

adrian: Hahaha... no need to run fast one... can play sneaky and still win the race. Hehehe.

l b: Buy one, get the rest free? o.0 Why you never tell me got such offer before wan? No la... your Superheros one is far, far better. Hehehe. Go, HKF™ & THHC™!

mistipurple: Hehehe... 69 is also a good number. LOL!

misha: Good morning Mishapie! I've missed ya! How was your Halloween? *hugs*

simple american: LOL! Well, now you know, so don your racing shoes, pardner!

ehon: You're almost there! You can make it to the top three! Ganbatte!

may: Extraordinarily enough, each time you say you're losing steam, you'll still end up in the top three! You sure or not wan? LOL! *huffs and puffs after may to the finish line*

simple american: What homework? Did I give my Master any? I can't remember. Hehe.

Doreen said...

Wah~~me on the 8th! No bad liao. Emmm....must work harder...hehehe

Giddy Tiger said...

Waaaa.... FOURTH placing? Must strive harder this November!

rinnah said...

doreen: 8th is a very 'fatt' number, hor? Fai tit fai tit chup!

giddy tiger: Yalor... you always start off good before losing steam towards the end...

Chen said...

too bad i didn't get to watch TARA 2. Hopefully i will remember to watch the replay..

rinnah said...

chen: This season's contestants are all so mixed (read = gwailo)... not representative of Asia at all one... Cheh!