Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bloggity blog blog

Hello? You there. Yes you. No, not the blogger. The other person. The non-blogger. Yeah you. Now that I've gotten your attention... (like any non-bloggers are reading this. LOL!)

Whoever said that blogging was a waste of time has evidently never met the close-knit community of bloggers that I am incredibly lucky to have gotten to know. People like...

Giddy Tiger who has become one of my closest blogpals. I think of her like the jie jie I don't have in real life.
Simple American my blogging Jedi mentor from across the sea. *big bear hugs*
~ Mistipurple who is always there to make me laugh when I'm down in the dumps and leaves the most encouraging comments in my other blog.
L B who also cracks me up with his never-ending pursuit for non-existent chups! And for all the witty one-liners that make him so uniquely LB.
Ehon the sampat student do-gooder blogger in Aussie-land who is flying back soon!


There are so many others that I wanna name... but I have to restrict myself or I'll name the whole blogroll! So, to all those I've named above... this award is for you from me. With love. *muacks*

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Ehon said...

chup again! hahahaha. thank uuuu!! :D

L B said...

Aiseh!! LOL... Non-existent chups? I've been misled, fooled, tricked... Awwww... *scissors*

Thank you so much for all the lurve.... *puffs up chest for a second* :-)

Chen said...

Blogging is definitely not a-waste-of-time thing

Cheers to all bloggers out there :D

angel said...

Before I started blogging, I not so sampat wan you know... after that... sigh... haha :D

giddy tiger said...

Awww... so sweet! And you're like the little sister I don't have too. :)

Simple American said...

Big bear hugs back. I am so happy to know you too.

mistipurple said...

*sniff* why you wanna make me cwy..
i tiger on the surface but i very soft inside wan.

rinnah said...

ehon: Hahaha... you're most welcome to both the chup and the award!

l b: LOL! You've been leading me a merry chase around all my sponsored posts... chest puff only for a second ah? Cannot 2 seconds ah?

chen: Hear hear for that! If not for blogging I wouldn't know you!

angel: Hahaha... sampat-ing in blogland is good... it's a stress reliever! When we meeting again? This time need to sampat long long, k?

giddy tiger: Hehehe... yes, jie jie! *hugs*

simple american: My hero! *lummmmmmmmmm*

mistipurple: Awwww.... misti no cwy! Misti happy happy sampat sampat always! *huggity hug hug*

Doreen said...

I have also met and made a few nice friends in this blogosphere. It's amazing how humans can still be and feel so close together even they have never met and miles apart. I'm glad to have "met" you Rinnah. *hugs*

may said...

congratulations and Happy Blogging to all!

rinnah said...

doreen: And I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, Doreen! *big hugs*

may: Happy happy day for blogging! Wheeeee!